Sunday, December 23, 2012

Never Give Up - Tia

No one in their right mind would argue against David Beckham's hotness. The hair. The tattoos. The muscles. The man is HOT!! FINE!! DELICIOUS!! whatever....He is all of the above.

But today DB is my motivator. Why? Because he's shown me ANYONE can overcome their awkward youth and continue to upgrade their hotness. So thank you David for showing us that you can go from this:

to this: 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Leaving On a Jet Plane- Toya

This was written yesterday but as soon as I ate some of my mom's food and hit my room, I hit the bed.  It was a wrap.  

Today starts the first day of my Christmas vacation in New Jersey. I am currently on a plane traveling from Nashville to Philadelphia and I already know what's going to happen. I'm going to walk into the airport, hear the sounds of the city and ponder if I really want to stay in Nashville and not move back to the northeast. The fact is I have never been happier in Nashville really. I actually have some cool things brewing for me. However I have always said that if I could pick up all of my Nashville friends and move them to Philadelphia, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I love the richness of big cities like Philadelphia and NYC. I just wish I could have the best of both worlds right now. And by best I mean more diversity, pedestrian friendly shopping areas and public transportation but with a lower cost of living for me and all of my Nashville friends.

I started reading Quitter again. I think when I first read it, it was with the mindset that I would work on making BGLU my main gig one day and be able to leave my full time job as a receptionist. That's not exactly what happened.  My aspirations have changed and thus I feel like I need to go through it again. I decided that there were quite a few other things I wanted to do that of course include writing but they also include TV and concert production. That's great and all but I recently picked up a part time job as a restaurant hostess. I have things on the table with very little time to do them and I am feeling pretty overwhelmed. Unfortunately it shows. I've gained eight pounds and am hiring one of my friends to handle chores around the house for me. It's that serious right now. If I could quit any of my jobs and be hired for sleep research, I'd have it in the bag because all I ever want to do lately is sleep every chance I get. As Marvin said, this ain't livin'.  I want to be in a position to help my parents when they need it.  Life isn't just about me anymore.

I'm taking the time during this vacation to do some soul searching, thinking and praying about what's next. This is par for the course as next week I will be flying back on my 38th birthday. I feel great about 38! I'm hopeful.  Really hopeful.  I have to be.  38 is too close to 40 to be pessimistic so I have to stay hopeful in order to move forward and do some things I haven't done before.   Pessimism can paralyze you. The only way I can move forward to bigger and better things is by being consistent, optimistic and continuously believing that things will not only get better, but that they are already getting better.

You need to be moving if you want God to show you which way to go.- Joyce Meyer

Thursday, December 20, 2012

(Almost the) Weekend Roundup

Since I haven't done a Weekend Roundup in two weeks AND I'm off of work until 2013, I figured I would go ahead and get a jump on this week's WR. 

Seriously, how can you not love this picture? - Yahoo!

I'm going to pretend I'm okay with Michael Ealy being married. *sniffle* - People

But I am not okay with JUST NOW finding out that Common Law was canceled via the above article. I really liked that show. They're so pretty and were fun to watch. - TV Line

I want to friend anyone who had a hand in attacking those Westboro jerks. - HuffPo

I completely forgot about the world ending tomorrow. I worked out and ate healthy today for nothing. I could have slept in and ate cake. - Mashable

I (not so) secretly love a hot mess. - TMZ

This was beautiful.

I'm about two seconds from picketing Blackground Records morning, noon and night to help JoJo get out of that insane contract she signed when she was TWELVE YEARS OLD!!! Her new mixtape is going to make me get all revolutionary and such. - JoJo's Tumblr

Dear The Philippines,
Filipino Beliebers will burn your country to ashes if you ban Beiber from coming there just because he has jokes. I'm just saying...
You've been warned, now have several seats - That Grape Juice


BSB and The Roots for the win. - PITNB

POTUS is Time's Person of the Year. - Time 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Behind the Smiles - Tia

The older I get the more I vacillate between REALLY wanting kids to the point I think about stealing my niece and running away to Brazil and NOT EVER EVER EVER wanting a child and giving my uterus up for adoption.

After hearing about the tragedy in Connecticut I couldn't imagine having to deal with never seeing the face of my mini-me again on Earth. I was not handling it well and what happened didn't even directly affect me or anyone I knew. I shut off my phone and shut out the world for a while.

This morning, I found this video on my friend's Facebook page when I returned to the world. It moved me to tears. It reminded me that we need to love those around us each and every day. We should never take for granted where someone is mentally. People are hurting and we sometimes get so wrapped up in our own faux problems and selfish ambitions, that we miss what's really going on. Someone could be on the verge of doing something drastic and we don't notice because we're too busy complaining about Starbucks not discounting soy milk with the Gold Card anymore.

We have to LOVE people. It's often the only thing that makes sense

Monday, December 10, 2012

He Tried It: Tracy Morgan Covers DeBarge's "All This Love" on Jimmy Fallon

So I was on Okayplayer today and saw that Tracy Morgan covered DeBarge's "All This Love" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week.

No need to adjust your screen. That happened for real!

I have a feeling that a few people knew about this but decided not to tell me knowing how I freak out regularly over feel about El DeBarge. But you know what? He seems pretty sincere!  Bless his heart.  Hey, he tried it!  I'll give him a C for effort. I am well aware that the phrase is "A for effort" but watch this first before you correct me.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Toya Loves Cool James: Toya Meets LL Cool J in Nashville

Umm...I need a do over.

I know, I know.  This picture is perfect! I don't have a wonky eye. He looks like he is actually glad to be standing there with me even though I could barely get a hello out. But I still need a do over.  Why? Because I wasn't exactly at my coolest when I met LL Cool J Wednesday night. I was a ball of nerves.

When my friend Melissa asked me Saturday night if I had entered the Meet 'n Greet contest to meet LL, I quickly replied no.  Uh uh. No ma'am.  I understand that I want to interview people for a living and work in the entertainment industry but the fact of the matter is that to me LL Cool J is the most beautiful man alive.  Period. I don't care who you put him against.  On top of that he is a music legend with 30 years in the game.  I'm such a fan of what he has accomplished. Still even with that aside, he could be bagging groceries at Publix and I still would be tongue tied around him. I'd also spend half of my paycheck at Publix.

I entered my name anyway and to my surprise, both Melissa and I were selected to meet LL at Club Rozay (Yup! That's an actual name of a club.).  This is where I went wrong: I kept saying I was nervous. I was so nervous about being nervous that I didn't try to NOT be nervous.   Anytime I have met someone I admired, I have always come up with something clever to say to break the ice. But this time *Sigh* not so much.

Photo credit:

When LL arrived at the club and I saw him?  Oh. my. God. Oh I'm not using the Lord's name in vain. I had to call on Him! That face!  There was 30 years of hip hop history standing there!  I've been a fan since Krush Groove!  I turned to Melissa with tears in my eyes going "I can't do this. I cannot do this!"  It was just too surreal.  Melissa looked me dead in my eye.  "Ma'am. Get your life.  You are a blogger. You have got to get over it."  We walked over to the VIP section and got in line with the other people who had been selected to meet him.  I turned to Melissa and said "Can you please take a few pictures of me talking to him?  My camera is dying and I can't get the setting for this lighting right."  "Sure" she said. "Then when you are done, take my camera and take a picture of me." I waited with my stomach in knots as the person ahead of me took their picture with LL and then it was my turn.  The walk towards him felt like walking in a mile long wind tunnel. When I finally got to him, my shoulders hunched up around my ears as I somehow managed to muster the only thing I could get out to say to him. 

Me: *In a high pitched squeal* "Hiiiiiiiiii"
LL:  "Hi. It's nice to meet you."
Me: *Nods* Starts thinking "Hug him with one arm Toya. ONE ARM.  Do not reach over and touch his stomach. Just look at the cameras."

I lightly put my arm around him and smiled for the cameras in hopes that the picture would not reflect all of the topsy turvy emotions going on inside.  I then faced him and thought to myself "What am I going to say now?  Hurry! Quick! Say something!!!"

Remember in the movie A Christmas Story when Ralphie finally met Santa and sounded like his tongue had tripled in size? All he could do is sit there and stare and nod? It was kind of like that. Except I didn't get to sit on LL's lap because the Lord is merciful.

Toya: *blink* *blink* *blink*
LL: "Glad to meet you."
Me: *stare* *blink* *blink* *blink* *stare*

LL then takes my hand in both of his and looks into my eyes and says "It was really a pleasure to meet you". I started thinking "Oh my goodness are we about to have a moment?!?!?! Are we having a moment?!?!"

No fool.

It was then that I realized that LL Cool J is probably one of the most gracious people I have ever met. Because looking back that was his sweet attempt to end our time together so he could move onto the next person.  I just stared into his eyes and nodded wide eyed.  I then  hunched my shoulders around my earlobes again, turned around and tried to remember how to walk with the same feet I have been using for almost 38 years.

It wasn't until I walked out of the VIP section did I remember that Melissa and I had made a deal for me to take her camera so she could have a picture.  Once I realized that I had dropped the ball I yelled "Melissa! Melissa give me your camera!!!" By then she was getting her picture taken by the professional photographers hired to take pics to show up online the next day. Oh no! I couldn't believe I did that. When she walked over she said "I was calling you but you never turned around to get my camera!"  I didn't hear her. I couldn't hear anything.  Apparently I had become temporarily mute AND deaf at the same time.

"Well I didn't get a picture but you did. Here's your camera."  Melissa handed me my camera and I felt awful.  I later assured her that I wasn't going to post my picture until she got hers the next day.  She really wasn't upset at all but I was.  The next day I looked online and all of the pictures were up.  And when I saw mine,  I screamed.

"Why don't I remember this?!?!" I screamed! I don't remember being that close to him at all and I SHO' NUFF don't remember having my head on his chest!  How did I miss this moment?  People have asked me how he smelled, how his arms felt...I don't remember a thing.  All I know is that he is sweet as pie and has High Definition dimples.  He is one miracle of a man. Thank God this picture does not reflect what was happening with my nerves.

Even though I flunked in coolness this time around, next time I got it in the bag.  I will greet him again in my bamboo earrings (just one pair though. Those things are heavy!) with my baby hair pumpin' and lip gloss a shinin'.  I will tell him how proud I am of his accomplishments.  I may even ask him about how his daughters handle him being a sex symbol.  In other words, I will handle it like my normal self.  All in all, I regret nothing.  Everyone should be allowed one geek out moment in time and this one was mine. It couldn't have happened with a nicer guy. You never know what you are going to get when you finally meet your favorite celebrity.  I am so glad to say that after finally getting to meet LL Cool J, I can definitely say that I still and always will love Cool James.

Monday, December 3, 2012

We love BSB too - Tia

I know we talk about NKOTB a lot. I mean, they have their own label. But let's be clear, although I would act a fool with Donnie if given the opportunity (Hey Boo!) I like BSB as well.

I'll admit I was not as into them as I was NKOTB or N'Sync. At least not initially. But I respected their boybandness and bad grammar aside (See: "All I Have To Give") I still gets DOWN (yes GETS down) with BSB.

This was never more evident than the other day when I spent an hour driving through New Jersey doing car karaoke to some of my favorite BSB hits.

I love it when my rental car has a great sound system. Last week I was fortunate enough to get a Nissan Altima. I actually drive one of those in real life. And one of the main reasons for buying the car was the great sound system that comes standard. The factory speakers are incredible. There's no need to upgrade. But if I have the money I may do just that when I buy my next Altima. Because if the factories sound that good, what do the upgraded models sound like?

Anyway, I had my iPod on shuffle and "The Call" came on. IT. WAS. OVER!!!! That song is my JAM JAM JAM!!! Oooh...I may have to go listen to that right now and come back to this post.

BSB car karaoke made me realize that BGLU needs to show BSB a little more love. So in no particular order here are my top 5 favorite BSB songs.

The Call 

Backstreet Boys - The Call by Stella78

I almost feel bad about enjoying a song about someone doing dirt. Almost. Dirt or not, though...this is my song.

More Than That

*sigh* AJ SANGS!! You hear me...SANGS!! I don't know what old black man's voice AJ stole but somewhere there is an elderly black gentleman walking around sounding like a white dude.

And can we talk about how fine Kevin is in this video. I have to repeatedly tell myself that he is someone's husband. His wife better not EVER get caught slipping...EVER!

I Want It That Way

This song is still so much fun after all of these years. And I still clown the girl in the white shirt who was trying to be sexy and then at the end she turned into a giggly mess like the rest of them. Girl, quit playing. You're not supposed to try to be sexy. You're supposed to be a giggling, screaming mess like the rest of us. Please act accordingly.

If You Stay

Real talk, I'd never heard this track before I met Toya. Like everyone else, I slept on it because it didn't get any radio play. I would have remembered it had I heard on it any station, so the only conclusion I can draw is that it was never released as a single. 

But when I tell you Toya and I went bananas when they did it at the NKOTBSB show, please believe me. You could hear the silence of the unknown from the rest of the crowd. It felt like we were the only ones truly appreciating what was going on and the hotness of the song. And all those folks call themselves fans. I scoff at your fandemonium if you don't know this song.


My friend Megan and I used to have Boy Band Thursdays at our job. I'd make mix cds (that's how long ago this was) and we'd sing boy band songs and walk around all day quoting the lines from songs with a dead serious attitude and a straight face.

Me: Hey Megan?
Megan: Yeah?
Me: I don't need another life line.
Megan: Why?
Me: That's not for me.

We worked in a small office and needless to say our boss LOVED Thursdays. (He didn't.)

I know I'm not the only one showing BSB love in the 2010s. Shout out your favorite BSB track in the comments section or via The Twitter.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Roundup

I'm not mad at this Old Navy Christmas ad with Jordan Knight. I have a lot of questions. But I'm not mad.

Jordan Davis was killed because someone with a short fuse had access to a gun. You can't tell me otherwise. You don't like that someone is playing their music loud...TOO BAD. You're at the gas station a grand total of 5-10 minutes TOPS. You deal with the loud music like ALL of us have at some point while filling up AND THEN YOU LEAVE. This man had NO business even getting out of his car in the first place.

I'm SO SICK of Florida I don't know what to do. - Orlando Sentinel

Joe Jackson had a stroke. - HuffPo

Number 15 NEVER stops being funny to me. - BuzzFeed

Katt Williams is on some next level stuff. I hope he gets the help he needs. - TMZ

Three of my friends shared this on Facebook. I'm no cynic but COME ON....Let's not be gullible just for the sake of being gullible. - Mashable

This is my new theme song until further notice.

Why does Mel B always look so GOOD? - Essence

Kerry Washington SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN in this dress on last week's Scandal. I mean,'s not fair.

And speaking of Scandal, who shot President Fitz on his birthday? That's foul. And I KNOW Mellie had a hand in this somehow. - PITNB

Often when the NYPD is in the news it's not for anything good. Glad to see a story like this. - ABCNews