Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekend Roundup

I'm sorry, but kids are HILARIOUS!! - BuzzFeed

Halle Berry's baby daddy got his pretty little butt handed to him by Halle's current French piece. When your face is how you make money you don't go around getting in physical altercations and putting your moneymaker in danger. You send a strongly worded letter or get into a Twitter fight. - TMZ

And speaking of Twitter fights, this one between that kid from The Wanted and that other kid from One Direction was hilarious and pitiful. Seriously, these children need to sit down and learn from their elders. You never saw New Edition and NKOTB going at each other in Tiger Beat or BOP back in the day. - Perez Hilton

I literally cried out, "NOOOOOO" when I found out Larry Hagman died. I loved him on Dallas and Dallas 2.0. He was the O.G. soap opera villain. (Behind Ms. Lucci, of course.) - People

Did you eat your body weight in stuffing on Thursday? Well, this article will depress you with how many calories you probably consumed BUT it will also tell you what to do to burn the food off.  So it's sort of a win, right...? - USAToday

I know I already posted a BuzzFeed article. But I could not stop laughing at this one. And seriously, what is Pinterest? I honestly don't get it. - BuzzFeed

Happy Birthday to Robin Roberts from Good Morning America. Praying for your continued recovery. - ABC

Lil Wayne is retiring from rapping. (Insert Hallelujah choir here.) - Aceshowbiz

I've had a girl-crush on Melissa McCarthy for a while. And Sandy and I go way back. So I'm super excited about this movie.

On Black Friday I slept in and watched Jem and the Holograms on Netflix. These people did this. - Global Grind

They said tech gifts for KIDS...but...umm...I want most of these. - CNN

Downton AND Psych are coming back. Happy Thanksgiving to ME!! - Yahoo! and Yahoo!

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Nae said...

Im excited because Spoken Reasons is going to be in. I am def going to see that movie.

And that note is hilarious. lmao.