Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shameless Product Endorsement of the Week - Tia

Old Navy - Women's Peter Pan Collar Wool Blend Coat

I work too hard to be ballin' on a budget. - Chris Brown 

Once again I completely disagree with Chris Brown. I work hard. Yet I CHOOSE to ball on a budget. Between trying to buy a house and my incessant love of foreign travel, frivolously spending money is just not my M.O. But that doesn't mean I can't have nice things. 

I have wanted a cream coat for at least 4 seasons now. I saw a gorgeous one while I was in NYC. But the idea of keeping a cream coat clean in New York, while having to ride the subway, seemed like an exercise in futility.

But every Autumn/Winter without fail I will walk into a store, stare longingly at a cream colored coat and for whatever reason I DON'T purchase it.

Then my girl crush, Keri Washington, did her baddest chick walk in a cream coat on Scandal and I KNEW I had to get one.

I ventured out to Old Navy to exchange a sweatshirt that was far too large. (Yes, there is such a thing a too large of a sweatshirt.) And thanks to excellent placement of their winter coats, I immediately laid eyes on what is sure to be flyest piece of my winter wardrobe.

My biggest complaint with most coats is that I feel trapped if I wear I sweater. Of course I can overcompensate in the size of the coat but then I look like I'm wearing a very stylish cream colored garbage bag. What I immediately loved about this coat is that there was room in it without my having to purchase an XXXL. I didn't feel like this was going to happen to me if I wore a bulky sweater.

I will say that I was initially a bit apprehensive about the Peter Pan collar. I'm usually not a fan of that particular style because I feel like it's overly girlie just for the sake of being girlie. I normally prefer sharper edges, but in this instance the Peter Pan collar works. And I like that if I feel so inclined I could drape an infinity scarf around my neck without diminishing the look of the coat or the scarf getting lost in the folds of the collar. (I feel like those two things happen to me a lot. Maybe I just don't know how to wear an infinity scarf.)

I'm fighting the urge to go back and get the coat in another color. I went through a gold/yellow phase this summer that's trying to wiggle its way into the Fall. And OF COURSE this coat comes in a delicious gold color...of course. Not to mention that I think everyone should have a gorgeous black coat. *sigh* Decisions...decisions.

You can pick up the coat at I'm not sure why, but the online store says it's not available in stores. It's possible initially it was not going to be carried in stores but it certainly is now. Depending on color, the coat is $10-20 cheaper online and any purchases over $50 qualify for free shipping. So if you don't have to have it RIGHT RIGHT NOW, you can save a buck or two by ordering online.

I left something in my car and need to run outside. A sweatshirt would probably due but...I mean...I have the coat so why not. And I may or may not do an Olivia Pope walk out to the car in my new coat. (I'm TOTALLY about to do that.)

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