Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dirty Loops is my new favourite thing - Tia

(Yes, I spelled favorite with a "U" on purpose.) 

I had the following text conversation last weekend with my musical soulmate, Brandon:

Brandon - Am I tardy for the party or have you heard of Dirty Loops?
Me - Is that a real thing?
B - Please for the love of all things ever, Youtube Dirty Loops' Rolling in the Deep and Baby.
M - Okay. I'll get back to you.

Twenty minutes later...
M - OH! EM! GEE!! This is my new favorite thing.
B - I'm saying!!!!

That was how Dirty Loops became my new everything and I've decided that I need to either marry the lead singer or move to Sweden and find someone like him.

I can not stop listening to everything they have on Youtube and everywhere else. And I'm wondering how I'm just now finding out about them. They are everything I believe in. Real instruments. Amazing vocals. And can I give a standing ovation to the bass player. My LAWD!!!! He is sick. SIIIIIIICCCCCCCK!!! Please check the video at 1:42. I felt bad for all bassists everywhere after watching this. How do you pick up your instrument after seeing something like that?

I've been stalking the group since Saturday. They currently have no plans to tour through the states. (Which needs to change IMMEDIATELY.) But per their Google Hangout chat they are working on an album of original material. (That needs to happen IMMEDIATELY.) So should I ever get tired of their videos (like that's even a possibility) I'll eventually have something to put on my iPod and listen to until...well, until Jesus' glorious return.

All joking aside, I'm so heartened by this group. I LOVE music. REAL music. Sure, I like the mindless pop stuff just as much as the next girl. But I feel like musicianship and talent are often sacrificed for units moved and songs downloaded. So when we get something that's this AMAZING it reminds us what music is and should always be and gives us hope that all is not lost. Trust me, the second you hear Dirty Loops you will instantly be on board. I promise it will make your day.

You can check out Dirty Loops on Facebook, their website, the Twitter and if you feel so led, Myspace.'re welcome.


musica said...

Hey----Just listened to this Dirty Loops cover of "Rolling In The Deep" ad it straight up kicked some ass! The lead singer sounded like one of the brothers from Take 6, and the band sounded like a lot of jazz music I used ot listen to back in the day (early '90's.) I enjoyed that--now that's what you call REAL singing and REAL talent on top of that! Thanks for the listen! And also the bass player is ind of cute and I like his punk rock hairstyle---it's adorable!

Christina said...

Awesome!!! The singer reminds me of a young Stevie Wonder. And the bass player is killin' it.