Sunday, October 28, 2012

What Ever Happened To...R&B Girl Group Edition - Tia

I have so many songs on my iPod. Not to mention all of the songs I have on my computer. And then there are the jump drives...You get the idea. I have a lot of music.

When you have so many songs, it's commonplace to come across a song/group that begs the question, "What ever happened to him/her/them?"

Today while shuffling through playlists at the gym I found myself wondering what ever happen to...

I saw RichGirl perform a live show on Palladia. Unlike a lot of their counterparts, these broads could actually sing. (I once saw a Pussycat Dolls show that was a train wreak. Nicole Snuffleupagus really was the ONLY one that could really sing.) They're all really cute AND can sing. I really expected more from them. But after "He Ain't Wit Me Now" I didn't hear a peep out of these chicks. That's regrettable.  I feel like people/groups with talent should be the ones who get the most singles. But somehow we continue to be inundated with Nicki Minaj songs.

"Do It To It" remains one of my favorite workout jams. Maybe it's because of my affinity for Atlanta. Or maybe it's just because it's a hot song. Whatever the case, I have made at least 5 workout mixes since I downloaded the song a couple of years ago and DITI has been on every one.

According to Wikipedia (which we all know is always COMPLETELY accurate), Cherish had a handful of singles. Yeah...I don't recognize any of the titles. Wiki also says that the group is still active. Yeeeeeaaahhhh...Until I here a song on the radio/Pandora/Spotify, Cherish stays on the "What Ever Happened To" List

I LOVED JADE!!! I thought their answering machine greeting at the beginning at the song was so cute. I did NOT, however, like "5-4-3-2 (Yo! Time is up)" mostly because of the title.

It's one thing when groups break up. I know that happens and it's just part of the music business. But it's a completely different thing when groups just seem to fall off the face of the earth. I feel like that's what happened with Jade. One day they were on 90210 (does anyone remember that episode?) The next day one of them was singing gospel and one of them was singing back up for Rod Stewart. I guess  stuff just happens and groups don't necessarily break up, they just...cease to be.


I like that Zhané had the good sense to name their first album Pronounced Jah-Nay because otherwise folks would have been running around saying their name all kinds of wrong.

Something about Zhané always set then apart from the groups of the 90s in my mind. I think it was because they seemed a bit more Neo-Soulish than a lot of the people who were out at the time. I realize now that they're sound was reflective of their Philly origin and something in me loves the vibe of music from around those parts. (I also love the MEN of Philly but we'll talk about that another time.) I really hope these ladies are still somewhere doing Philly...with hot guys.

Alright y'all, Facebook, Tweet or comment on some of your favorite "Whatever Happened To" groups.  And if you know the current statuses of any of the above, PLEASE let me know. And if I bump into any of the girls from Cherish around the ATL, I'll be sure to ask them what they're up to. It could happen.


Anonymous said...

Well, RichGirl broke up in 2011. After releasing their second single "Swagger Right (ft. Fabolous & Rick Ross)" and their farewell mixtape "Fall In Love With RichGirl". RichGirl member Lyndriette (Beyonce- look-alike) has an EP out called "Proclamation". Brave (the curly one) has a single and video out called "Break Me Down". Sevyn (the high-pitch one) works with Chris Brown. Her debut single "I like it" was released last week.

As for Cherish - they are recording a third album. Check out their facebook page.

Tia BGLU said...

Just popped over to Cherish's Facebook page.

Thanks for the heads up. :)