Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend Roundup

I need to figure out how I can become friends with Michelle Obama. - LA Times

Usher has too much money. Let me hold something Ush. - People

Apple announced the iPad 4, renders iPad 3 that was released in March obsolete and pisses off a lot of people all in one day. (Steve would have NEVER allowed this.) - Cult of Mac

I continue to love Tina Fey. - Buzzfeed

My homegirl in my head, Solange, is dropping a new album in November. - ONTD

Shannon over at Pink Is The New Blog pretty much wrote the best summary of Thursday night's episode of Scandal. - PITNB

Wyclef will be joining the cast of Nashville. I have never been more confused about a show's casting in all my days. - Rolling Stone

Adele had a baby. Now maybe she can get back to making music...I mean congratulations. - HuffPo

I am way too excited about the new "Iron Man" trailer.

I was wondering if they were going to make Lance Armstrong give back his Tour de France money. - Chicago Sun Times

I'm unclear on how women could support a man with "binders full of women." - NewsOne

Speaking of Binders Full of Women, this tumblr gets funnier every day. - Binders Full of Women

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