Friday, October 26, 2012

Tim Gunn Barbies!! TIM GUNN BARBIES!!! - Tia

I STAN for Tim Gunn!! Seriously, when I lived in NYC I used to pray that I would run into him leaving Parsons. He would see me and take pity on my paltry attire. Something about me would make him want to reach out and style this poor girl who has potential, but needs a bit of guidance. ( daydreams are vivid, bordering on creepy. Don't Judge Me!!!!)

However, I didn't even live in NY for a "new york minute." So sadly, my dream never happened.

Tim was in Nashville for the local Fashion Week but I was out of town (per usual) and was unable to stalk meet him. But I still hold out hope that some day, some how, Tim Gunn is going to style me. Even if it's just for one outfit, Tim is going to pick out something fabulous for me and as I strut away he will quietly utter, "Make it work."

Until then, I CAN GET HIS BARBIE!!!

I wish y'all could have seen my face when I saw this doll. I don't know how I missed the release of this collection back in August but I fully intend to make up for that by buying all of the dolls and their matching accessories. And I am not the LEAST bit ashamed of that.

Confession: I had NO SHINE for Barbies when I was little. I had some because my mother and aunt were determined to girlie me up a bit. But I stuck to my books, my Speak & Math and my Transformers. (Oh and what you need to know is that I still currently own two working Speak & Maths.) I was a geeky tomboy.

But let Tim Gunn slap his style on a doll and I'm ALLLLLLLLLL in. I NEED to have this. Okay, I don't need it. But I REALLY REALLY want it. I mean, she has ACCESSORIES!!! This doll is dressed better than me and I don't care.

I love Tim's passion about this project. I can't NOT support him.

If you are gleefully clapping your hands and spinning in your chair (no....just me...?) and need to get the dolls right now (I'm typing this with one hand because I have my keys in the other, ready to dash out the door to get these) you can order them from the Barbie Collector site. They are also available at Target.

Now if you'll excuse me...Carry on people....carry on.

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Lei said...

I still have my Speak & Spell. Working-hmm not so much. I need to invest in getting it to work.