Thursday, October 25, 2012

Throwback Video of the Week - Tia

So Justin Timberlake got married. Good for him. That Jessica girl seems nice.

But what I really want to talk about is how he allegedly didn't invite, NOT ONE, member from 'N Sync.  Now the rumor goes he didn't want his wedding to turn into an 'N Sync reunion. IF that is the case, Justin needs to be punched in the adam's apple in my humble opinion. are you just NOT going to invite the dudes who you essentially spent every waking moment of your teenage years with to your wedding because you're afraid someone MIGHT ask y'all to sing ONE song? And would that have been that bad?!?! 

I mean, I understand how you could still be a little salty at them because they did let you out looking like this:

But they also let this happen. So maybe they just didn't know that those particular hairstyles were a poor choice for both of you. 

Whatever the case, I think not inviting your former boybanders to your wedding is shade with an umbrella on a cloudy day. 

So in honor of Justin's wedding, this week's throwback video is "Gone." Because if we learned nothing else from this video, we knew that Justin would leave JC, Chris, Lance and Joey behind and do his own thing without looking back. Kudos to you, Justin. If those guys couldn't figure out that you didn't have ANY shine for them when you made this video then that is completely on them for not paying attention. 


Niki said...

That was MUY shady of Justin, but I expected nothing less of him. Backstreet Boys are always at each other's functions! HMMPH! LOL

Christina said...

Just to defend Justin, the guys were at the engagement party. They didn't attend the wedding because it was a small affair with few guests. Joey stated that he couldn't attend the wedding anway due to prior commitments. Here is a link where you can listen to Joey and Lance discuss the wedding rumors on Lance's Dirty Pop show.