Thursday, October 25, 2012

Things I learned while moving - Tia

As you may or may not know, I moved back to Atlanta. (YES...again.) The house I was renting in Nashville sold and I just flat out refused to rent anymore when I could buy and pay less for something that I could eventually own. 

So I once again packed up my belongings and made the trip down south for what I hope will be the last time for a very long while. 

A person learns a lot about themselves when they are forced to categorize, box and move their personal possessions. Here are a few things I learned about myself in the last few weeks. 

1. Moving makes me emotional
I don't know if this move was just more stressful than the others because a. I was trying to buy a house at the same time and b. I'm older. But for whatever reason, I cried daily for the last two weeks of my move. I cried because I couldn't figure out how to box my kitchen stuff. I cried because I couldn't find my faux leather skirt. (Never did locate that thing.) I cried because Toya wouldn't be just around the corner anymore. I cried because a week before I left I had to drop a $1000 to get my car fixed, so I could pass emissions, so I could get my tags. (Now THAT was cry worthy. GEEZ!!!) 

Yes, I cry. But y'all I CRIED. Sat in my car and cried. Sat in my closet and cried. Sat on my get the idea. I came to realize that I HATE moving. I've done it so many times in the past 5 years. And it's always stressful. But this time I came to loathe to cardboard boxes. I thought about throwing everything in the street and setting it on fire รก la Waiting to Exhale. I thought about joining the circus...and, yes, I would have sung this everyday whilst there.

I eventually pulled it together and got everything moved but it was not without tears and aggravation. Which brings me to the next point. 

2. I am FAR too lazy to move myself. 
Because I'm saving money for a down payment, earnest money payment and possible closing costs, shelling out money for good reliable movers was not in the budget. But knowing who I am, I knew I was not going to move too many boxes into a truck and drive it. No Ma'am. So I did what any other financially challenged, single girl with few male friends would do, I turned to Craigslist. 

I'm quite certain if I looked hard enough I could purchase a country on Craigslist. But that will have to wait for later. Anyway, I hired the first set of movers I could find that were within my price range and ensured. The good thing about that is other than what I had to put in my car, I did lift nary a box. The down side was one of the movers was a little crazy, tried to argue theology with my friend who has a Master's in Theology and he did so much talking that the other guy who was half his size did a lot of the moving. (The latter was the one I tipped.) 

So word of advice, movers on Craigslist are often there for a reason. If you go that route, make sure you're not alone when they get there and keep your expectations CRAZY low. 

3. It's past time to get my life started. 
One of the reasons I felt like I needed to leave Nashville was because I felt stagnation setting in. You know what I hang out at Starbucks with your friends. You go out to eat. You work out. You do a lot of...NOTHING. I knew that if I stayed, my days would turn into weeks would turn into months of doing nothing. I know people who love Nashville and thrive in it. I am not one of those people. And if I wasn't careful, I would end up doing a lot of nothing and wishing that weren't the case. So I encourage each and every one of you to make sure you're in a place where you're inspired. You may not have to make a huge geographical move but you may very well have to rearrange some things (and some people) in order to get your life in gear. 

So the word of the day is INSPIRED. Do something that will make you feel awesome and will give a little something back to the world around you. 


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