Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Get Into Solange - Tia

HOLY CRAP!!! I just realized that NEITHER of us have posted since mid-September. That is SOOOO unacceptable. Please forgive us. 

I know it's been WEEKS since I've posted. But this time I have a real good excuse reason. Aside from traveling like crazy, I have to move. Yes, I was already toying with the idea of moving. But now the house that I rent has been sold so I have no choice but to pack up my things and find a new domicile. And since Nashville leaves me bored and uninspired on almost a constant basis, I have been house hunting in Atlanta. So every free moment I've had has been spent (unsuccessfully) looking for a place.

Now I'm down to the wire. I've got about 2-3 weeks before I'm left to put my things in storage and sleep on my dad's hard as a rock futon in his guest bedroom.

All of that to say, I've been busy.

Anyway, I'm still learning to not just sleep in my down time. I figure if I could just learn a bit of time management I could dedicate more time to sharing my random thoughts with the BGLU faithful. So as I sit in the Albany airport (which is sparse...Geez, I thought Nashville was bad) I figured I'd hip you to some new music. How does that sound?

Now after the longest intro ever....on to the post.

I like Solange. I feel like she gets unfairly shaded and doesn't receive near enough shine. The girl is talented. And despite what the haters say, she is every bit as gorgeous as her sister. I rock her Hadley St. album on the regular. Though it wasn't commercially successful, anyone with an ear for real music will tell you that the album is solid and innovative. It's unfortunate that people seems to only listen with their eyes. (Interpret that as you will.)

I ALWAYS look forward to new music from Solange. I like her because she's fun. I respect her because she's going put out a quality product that won't sound like something regurgitated from the radio. Solange is just going to be who she is and I dig that.

Her new song "Losing You" feels very 80s freestyle to me. Though Toya may LOVE some freestyle music, I'm not the biggest fan. (It's just too busy and I feel like NO ONE can really sing in the genre.) But this song I can get behind. While it may inadvertently conjure up thought's of "Lost in Emotion" or something Stacey Q-ish, it's Solange through and through. I really hope this song is indicative of the next album. If so, I'm already down.

And can I just take a moment to say the video made me want to go to Cape Town, like NOW. Black people are SO beautiful. And while I'm proud to be an American, I often feel like our nation suffers from a lack of culture. I sometimes feel that our nation is all skinny jeans, silly reality stars and fried food. I think it would benefit all of us to step outside of our borders and experience the beauty of a place that's more than a few hundred years old.

I could go on but my plane just got to the gate. Love ya BGLUers! See you soon.

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