Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun Music Friday- Janet Jackson's "Pleasure Principle"

Hands down my favorite Janet Jackson video of all time. I wanted, no, I NEEDED to be Janet when she did this.  I spent days trying to get the sequence down from the 4:00 minute mark.  Don't act like I was the only one who almost killed themselves trying to step over a chair while trying to learn these dance steps either.

Question: Does anyone really understand what she's talking about in this song?  I do love the lyric "You may think I'm crazy but I'm serious. It's better you know now."  Sometimes you need to warn people. LOL!  Have a happy weekend everybody. 


Christina said...

You know that we all tried to kill ourselves trying to do that chair move. I still want to learn that dance sequence til this day. They don't make videos like this anymore.

iggystar said...

I don't have a clue what she's talking about...I never thought about it until now, lol.

I totally agree, this is her best video among a collection of amazing videos and I can't even front like I didn't try to rock those moves!

Jamie Broadnax said...

Yes I was that girl clumsily falling off her chair trying to imitate this dance in her video. My fav Janet song of all time I must say.