Saturday, October 6, 2012

Car Karaoke - Hip Hop Edition - Tia

As you know, I've been driving back and forth between Nashville and Atlanta trying to find a place to live. Most of the 3 and 1/2 hour drive is spent listening to my iPod. I've got thousands of songs scattered across dozens of playlists but I find that there are certain songs that I just have to listen to when I'm driving.

I'm always going to listen to Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" and sing the mess out of it.
(Aside: I'm CERTAIN people think I'm crazy if they catch a glimpse of me going IN at the bridge.
Thunder rumbling/Castles crumbling/I am trying to hold oooooonnnnn
God knows that I tried/Seeing the bright side/I'm not blind anymoooooore
Yeah, I sing that with my hand up and everything. )

There's usually a gospel medley around Chattanooga. (Let "The Presence of the Lord" get at you real quick.)

And during the last drive I realized that there are a handful of hip-hop songs that a.) I always end up listening to when I drive and b.) Never ever get old to me. Some of these songs are from the 90s, which is old by certain standards. But they come on and I have to turn them up and get hyped.

So in no particular, here are a few of my favorite hip-hop songs to car karaoke to on a long drive.

Mo Money, Mo Problems

Anyone who knows this songs gets AMPED when Big's verse starts. Seriously, I have been in a room with some uptight people and Big's verse comes in and they became completely different people. This song is just the right kind of fun hip-hop that everyone could get into. Nowadays everyone in hip-hop seems obsessed with being ridiculous....But that's another topic for another time.

It's So Hard

To this day, Toya and I still giggle about one line in this song, "GO THAT WAY!" It is so apropos for so many occasions. A dusty dude tries to talk to you, "GO THAT WAY!" One of your friends is being all kinds of ridiculous, "GO THAT WAY!"  Your dad is trying to talk to you while you're watching Pride and Prejudice...You pause it and see what he has to say. He is your father after all. Don't be rude.

All I Do Is Win

I have no shine for T-Pain, Rick Ross or Snoop. I will mess with Luda because I feel like every time he drops a verse on ANYONE'S song he improves it exponentially. But as for the rest....GO THAT WAY!

But this song KNOCKS. Khaled killed it with this track. And this track is my theme song on so many occasions: When I finish a good run. When I smoke someone at SongPop. When my manager approves my report on the first approval. It's just so versatile.

What You Know

I lived in Atlanta when this song came out. You could not go ANYWHERE without hearing it. I remember I was at the park and I heard it as someone's ringtone. I was in Whole Foods and some guy was listening to it on his iPod. Between T.I. being local and the tie in with the movie ATL, this song was everywhere.

And Lord help me if it comes on randomly while I have my iPod on shuffle. I will unabashedly get hyped. Don't care where I am, what I'm doing. Those first couple of notes hit and it's over for me.

(Warning: This one isn't edited and y'all know 2Pac you know...listen as you will.)

*sigh* I STILL love me some 2Pac. I feel like when Pac and Big died hip-hop essentially died with them. Yeah, we have some artists who put out a good song here and there. But for the most part, I don't have much to do with rap and hip-hop from the 2000s.

But with Pac, even after all of these years, I still play something from his catalog weekly. And confession, if I'm singing along to "Pain" and I mess up the verse, I will rewind the song and do it over until I get it right. I'm not ashamed to admit that.

Well, I'm off. I have to pack up the car and head back to the 'Ville so I can catch a flight tomorrow. So if you should pass a brown girl on I-75, looking angry and spittin' lyrics to no one in particular, don't worry. It's just me doing hip-hop car karaoke to pass the time.

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