Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh, the places you'll Atlanta - Tia

El Myr
"Call us the next time you're in town. We'll go to El Myr. It's become one of our favorite places."

That was a text I received from a friend who'd recently relocated to Atlanta. I'd had some difficulty convincing he and his girlfriend that this hole in the wall place outside of their normal stomping grounds of Buckhead would be well worth the drive, the hassle of parking and the smoky bar atmosphere. But once anyone takes their first bite of anything El Myr, they are hooked.

I honestly can't remember how I was first introduced to El Myr. It's at the far end of L5P (Little 5 Points). Other than to park, I didn't really have a lot of reasons to wander down that way. I'm certain I had to have walked by it dozens of times and somehow never took notice of it. But now I honestly can't imagine my life without it.

I dream about the nachos from El Myr. I woke up today and even though I had a flight at 1:55 and El Myr doesn't open until noon, I knew I HAD to get some nachos...TODAY!!! 

Besides amazing nachos, El Myr has some of the best burritos I've ever eaten. I promise you, the Skillet Burrito will have you unabashedly licking the plate. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it I've never had anything I didn't like at El Myr. 

I love that they have Woodchuck Pear Hard Cider on draft. (I consider myself something of a hard cider lush connoisseur.) But sometimes all you want with your Mexican food is a margarita. Don't worry, El Myr has you covered. With something like 12 different kinds of margaritas, you're sure to find something you like. Personally, I'm a Patron girl. And even though I've tried, I can never quite get my Patron margaritas at home to taste like the ones at El Myr. 

The ONLY downside to the place is that they allow smoking. So if you're in any way averse to cigarette smoke, call your order in for carry out. Or if you're lucky enough to live close by, you can have them bring it to you. That's right...they deliver. Could this place get any better? 

I know I just had El Myr today but I'm seriously considering eating there again this weekend. I have to be on that side of town anyway, so why not have some delicious nachos and a margarita. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend their weekend eating and drinking. It's an American eat Mexican food. 

You can check out El Myr on their website or on Facebook. Or better yet, just swing by and order some nachos. And try not to lick the plate when you're done.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm still not buying it - Tia

Unless you live under some sort of social media rock, you've seen the pictures and heard the commotion surrounding Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone.

I, like a lot of people, initially thought this was the worst casting (insert Kanye voice here) OF ALL TIME!!!

These pictures have done little to dissuade me from believing that this is going to be a hot mess of a movie.

Now hear me: this is in NO way a slight against Zoe Saldana or her acting skills. I like her. Loved her in Columbiana. Overall, I think she's a fantastic actor. My grievance is with Hollywood and their need to continue to shun darker-skinned actors. I mean did we REALLY need to put Zoe Saldana in blackface? (I don't care what you say. This is blackface and you can't convince me otherwise.) Was there NO ONE else available for this role? Is Viola Davis out of town, the country not on Earth right now? Because you know she would have been a BEAST in this role. It would have been her Angela Bassett in What's Love Got To Do With It role.

I constantly feel like Hollywood continues to give what few roles there are for women of color to the "Safe Black" actors. "Safe Black" is a term that Toya introduced me to when she worked for a company that did a bit of advertising for real estate. "Safe Blacks" are lighter-skinned, often have long curly hair and are of indistinguishable race, very non-threatening. Take a look at the latest flyer from your favorite store. Pay attention to the commercials that come on. Peep the next runway show for most designers. The faces of color you do see will most likely fall into the "Safe Black" category.

One would think that when casting a movie about Nina Simone, the producers would have approached an Octavia Spencer or a Viola Davis. But from what I've read the writer of this movie has taken all kinds of liberties with the film. If that's the case, casting Zoe should not really come as that much of a surprise.

As I turned the idea of Zoe Saldana over and over in my head, I began to wonder if I'm not just as guilty as Hollywood. They continue to ignore black actors and I sit here and blog about it, further perpetuating the negativity. I mean, aside from the need for blackface make-up and prosthetic nose, who's to say that Zoe won't BEAST this role? Have I become so distracted by her looks that I'm discrediting her abilities? Isn't that what I'm blaming the casting directors of Tinseltown of doing?

I don't know...I'm still not convinced that this movie is going to fly. At this point I'm not remotely interested in seeing it. They didn't even contact the family regarding the movie, so it can't be that accurate.

(There's a great interview with Nina Simone's Daughter here. I initially embedded the interview but I couldn't get the auto play to stop and I find that really obnoxious.)

Who knows, maybe Zoe will give the performance of her life and have the rest of us eating crow. I genuinely hope she knocks this one out of the park. But even if she does, that won't fix the larger problem that shows no signs of abating in Hollywood. Until more men and women of color gain attain more reputable roles on television and in movies, REGARDLESS of their complexion, we will continue to have this same discussion and argue these same points. And frankly, I'm kind of over it.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Get Your Anger in Check with Common, Colbie Caillat and Sesame Street

When Common said to breathe around the :06 mark,  I realized that I pretty much had stopped breathing for about 5 seconds anyway so the reminder was helpful.  Common is for the children!   Check out this video of him and Colbie Caillat helping kids to calm down and control their anger by remembering to breathe. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

What Ever Happened To...R&B Girl Group Edition - Tia

I have so many songs on my iPod. Not to mention all of the songs I have on my computer. And then there are the jump drives...You get the idea. I have a lot of music.

When you have so many songs, it's commonplace to come across a song/group that begs the question, "What ever happened to him/her/them?"

Today while shuffling through playlists at the gym I found myself wondering what ever happen to...

I saw RichGirl perform a live show on Palladia. Unlike a lot of their counterparts, these broads could actually sing. (I once saw a Pussycat Dolls show that was a train wreak. Nicole Snuffleupagus really was the ONLY one that could really sing.) They're all really cute AND can sing. I really expected more from them. But after "He Ain't Wit Me Now" I didn't hear a peep out of these chicks. That's regrettable.  I feel like people/groups with talent should be the ones who get the most singles. But somehow we continue to be inundated with Nicki Minaj songs.

"Do It To It" remains one of my favorite workout jams. Maybe it's because of my affinity for Atlanta. Or maybe it's just because it's a hot song. Whatever the case, I have made at least 5 workout mixes since I downloaded the song a couple of years ago and DITI has been on every one.

According to Wikipedia (which we all know is always COMPLETELY accurate), Cherish had a handful of singles. Yeah...I don't recognize any of the titles. Wiki also says that the group is still active. Yeeeeeaaahhhh...Until I here a song on the radio/Pandora/Spotify, Cherish stays on the "What Ever Happened To" List

I LOVED JADE!!! I thought their answering machine greeting at the beginning at the song was so cute. I did NOT, however, like "5-4-3-2 (Yo! Time is up)" mostly because of the title.

It's one thing when groups break up. I know that happens and it's just part of the music business. But it's a completely different thing when groups just seem to fall off the face of the earth. I feel like that's what happened with Jade. One day they were on 90210 (does anyone remember that episode?) The next day one of them was singing gospel and one of them was singing back up for Rod Stewart. I guess  stuff just happens and groups don't necessarily break up, they just...cease to be.


I like that Zhané had the good sense to name their first album Pronounced Jah-Nay because otherwise folks would have been running around saying their name all kinds of wrong.

Something about Zhané always set then apart from the groups of the 90s in my mind. I think it was because they seemed a bit more Neo-Soulish than a lot of the people who were out at the time. I realize now that they're sound was reflective of their Philly origin and something in me loves the vibe of music from around those parts. (I also love the MEN of Philly but we'll talk about that another time.) I really hope these ladies are still somewhere doing Philly...with hot guys.

Alright y'all, Facebook, Tweet or comment on some of your favorite "Whatever Happened To" groups.  And if you know the current statuses of any of the above, PLEASE let me know. And if I bump into any of the girls from Cherish around the ATL, I'll be sure to ask them what they're up to. It could happen.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend Roundup

I need to figure out how I can become friends with Michelle Obama. - LA Times

Usher has too much money. Let me hold something Ush. - People

Apple announced the iPad 4, renders iPad 3 that was released in March obsolete and pisses off a lot of people all in one day. (Steve would have NEVER allowed this.) - Cult of Mac

I continue to love Tina Fey. - Buzzfeed

My homegirl in my head, Solange, is dropping a new album in November. - ONTD

Shannon over at Pink Is The New Blog pretty much wrote the best summary of Thursday night's episode of Scandal. - PITNB

Wyclef will be joining the cast of Nashville. I have never been more confused about a show's casting in all my days. - Rolling Stone

Adele had a baby. Now maybe she can get back to making music...I mean congratulations. - HuffPo

I am way too excited about the new "Iron Man" trailer.

I was wondering if they were going to make Lance Armstrong give back his Tour de France money. - Chicago Sun Times

I'm unclear on how women could support a man with "binders full of women." - NewsOne

Speaking of Binders Full of Women, this tumblr gets funnier every day. - Binders Full of Women

Friday, October 26, 2012

Tim Gunn Barbies!! TIM GUNN BARBIES!!! - Tia

I STAN for Tim Gunn!! Seriously, when I lived in NYC I used to pray that I would run into him leaving Parsons. He would see me and take pity on my paltry attire. Something about me would make him want to reach out and style this poor girl who has potential, but needs a bit of guidance. ( daydreams are vivid, bordering on creepy. Don't Judge Me!!!!)

However, I didn't even live in NY for a "new york minute." So sadly, my dream never happened.

Tim was in Nashville for the local Fashion Week but I was out of town (per usual) and was unable to stalk meet him. But I still hold out hope that some day, some how, Tim Gunn is going to style me. Even if it's just for one outfit, Tim is going to pick out something fabulous for me and as I strut away he will quietly utter, "Make it work."

Until then, I CAN GET HIS BARBIE!!!

I wish y'all could have seen my face when I saw this doll. I don't know how I missed the release of this collection back in August but I fully intend to make up for that by buying all of the dolls and their matching accessories. And I am not the LEAST bit ashamed of that.

Confession: I had NO SHINE for Barbies when I was little. I had some because my mother and aunt were determined to girlie me up a bit. But I stuck to my books, my Speak & Math and my Transformers. (Oh and what you need to know is that I still currently own two working Speak & Maths.) I was a geeky tomboy.

But let Tim Gunn slap his style on a doll and I'm ALLLLLLLLLL in. I NEED to have this. Okay, I don't need it. But I REALLY REALLY want it. I mean, she has ACCESSORIES!!! This doll is dressed better than me and I don't care.

I love Tim's passion about this project. I can't NOT support him.

If you are gleefully clapping your hands and spinning in your chair (no....just me...?) and need to get the dolls right now (I'm typing this with one hand because I have my keys in the other, ready to dash out the door to get these) you can order them from the Barbie Collector site. They are also available at Target.

Now if you'll excuse me...Carry on people....carry on.

Shameless Product Endorsement of the Week - Tia

What you should know about me is I'm a little bit lazy. I want to be cute without effort. The problem is SOME kind of effort is required in order for one to be presentable when one leaves the house. 

Enter: Express' Sexy Stretch leggings. 

My problem with most leggings is three fold: 
1. They are super thin and people can see the Supergirl logo on my undies if I don't wear a long top. 
2. They are MAD short. Most leggings unintentionally end up stopping at my calf because apparently designers think that only runway and fit models are taller than 5'5". *coughI'malmost5'10"cough*
3. They just don't come in my size. I'm a size 12. I am hips, thighs and butt. No shame. But why is it that I can find a pair of Gap Skinny jeans to fit me faster than I can find a pair of leggings? Shouldn't that be the other way around?

Because of the trifecta of issues, I usually just skipped leggings altogether. The only reason I even gave Express' leggings a try is because I was lazy and needed something quick to wear under my Duke sweatshirt. 

With the move, I'd inadvertently packed all of my sweats. Three days before I was to depart I just didn't have the mental capacity to figure out which box my winter clothes were in. On a one off trip to the mall I wandered into Express to try to find a skirt and just happened upon the leggings. I truly believe I only entertained them out of desperation. I didn't want to have to move in jeans. 

I don't think I'd ever fallen in love so quickly with an article of clothing. I looked at myself from every angle in that fitting room. I could NOT see the polka dots on my chonies because of the thickness of the leggings. I also COULD NOT see my ankles because the leggings were long enough. And most importantly I did not look like I'd been stuffed into a sausage casing. Express Leggings for the WIN!!!

I proceeded to buy two pairs as they were buy one get one half off. Not gonna lie: I'll probably end up buying several more pairs. They're thin enough that I'm not sweating to death on the days when the weather doesn't remember it's not summer anymore. But they're not so thin that you can count the stars on my undiepants. And any article of clothing that I can dress up should my laziness abate or dress down should my normal nature win out is an automatic staple in my wardrobe. 

You can get the leggings here. And you totally should. You know if I'm plugging something I completely believe in it. BGLU doesn't just slap our seal of approval on any old thing. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Throwback Video of the Week - Tia

So Justin Timberlake got married. Good for him. That Jessica girl seems nice.

But what I really want to talk about is how he allegedly didn't invite, NOT ONE, member from 'N Sync.  Now the rumor goes he didn't want his wedding to turn into an 'N Sync reunion. IF that is the case, Justin needs to be punched in the adam's apple in my humble opinion. are you just NOT going to invite the dudes who you essentially spent every waking moment of your teenage years with to your wedding because you're afraid someone MIGHT ask y'all to sing ONE song? And would that have been that bad?!?! 

I mean, I understand how you could still be a little salty at them because they did let you out looking like this:

But they also let this happen. So maybe they just didn't know that those particular hairstyles were a poor choice for both of you. 

Whatever the case, I think not inviting your former boybanders to your wedding is shade with an umbrella on a cloudy day. 

So in honor of Justin's wedding, this week's throwback video is "Gone." Because if we learned nothing else from this video, we knew that Justin would leave JC, Chris, Lance and Joey behind and do his own thing without looking back. Kudos to you, Justin. If those guys couldn't figure out that you didn't have ANY shine for them when you made this video then that is completely on them for not paying attention. 

Things I learned while moving - Tia

As you may or may not know, I moved back to Atlanta. (YES...again.) The house I was renting in Nashville sold and I just flat out refused to rent anymore when I could buy and pay less for something that I could eventually own. 

So I once again packed up my belongings and made the trip down south for what I hope will be the last time for a very long while. 

A person learns a lot about themselves when they are forced to categorize, box and move their personal possessions. Here are a few things I learned about myself in the last few weeks. 

1. Moving makes me emotional
I don't know if this move was just more stressful than the others because a. I was trying to buy a house at the same time and b. I'm older. But for whatever reason, I cried daily for the last two weeks of my move. I cried because I couldn't figure out how to box my kitchen stuff. I cried because I couldn't find my faux leather skirt. (Never did locate that thing.) I cried because Toya wouldn't be just around the corner anymore. I cried because a week before I left I had to drop a $1000 to get my car fixed, so I could pass emissions, so I could get my tags. (Now THAT was cry worthy. GEEZ!!!) 

Yes, I cry. But y'all I CRIED. Sat in my car and cried. Sat in my closet and cried. Sat on my get the idea. I came to realize that I HATE moving. I've done it so many times in the past 5 years. And it's always stressful. But this time I came to loathe to cardboard boxes. I thought about throwing everything in the street and setting it on fire á la Waiting to Exhale. I thought about joining the circus...and, yes, I would have sung this everyday whilst there.

I eventually pulled it together and got everything moved but it was not without tears and aggravation. Which brings me to the next point. 

2. I am FAR too lazy to move myself. 
Because I'm saving money for a down payment, earnest money payment and possible closing costs, shelling out money for good reliable movers was not in the budget. But knowing who I am, I knew I was not going to move too many boxes into a truck and drive it. No Ma'am. So I did what any other financially challenged, single girl with few male friends would do, I turned to Craigslist. 

I'm quite certain if I looked hard enough I could purchase a country on Craigslist. But that will have to wait for later. Anyway, I hired the first set of movers I could find that were within my price range and ensured. The good thing about that is other than what I had to put in my car, I did lift nary a box. The down side was one of the movers was a little crazy, tried to argue theology with my friend who has a Master's in Theology and he did so much talking that the other guy who was half his size did a lot of the moving. (The latter was the one I tipped.) 

So word of advice, movers on Craigslist are often there for a reason. If you go that route, make sure you're not alone when they get there and keep your expectations CRAZY low. 

3. It's past time to get my life started. 
One of the reasons I felt like I needed to leave Nashville was because I felt stagnation setting in. You know what I hang out at Starbucks with your friends. You go out to eat. You work out. You do a lot of...NOTHING. I knew that if I stayed, my days would turn into weeks would turn into months of doing nothing. I know people who love Nashville and thrive in it. I am not one of those people. And if I wasn't careful, I would end up doing a lot of nothing and wishing that weren't the case. So I encourage each and every one of you to make sure you're in a place where you're inspired. You may not have to make a huge geographical move but you may very well have to rearrange some things (and some people) in order to get your life in gear. 

So the word of the day is INSPIRED. Do something that will make you feel awesome and will give a little something back to the world around you. 


Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun Music Friday- Janet Jackson's "Pleasure Principle"

Hands down my favorite Janet Jackson video of all time. I wanted, no, I NEEDED to be Janet when she did this.  I spent days trying to get the sequence down from the 4:00 minute mark.  Don't act like I was the only one who almost killed themselves trying to step over a chair while trying to learn these dance steps either.

Question: Does anyone really understand what she's talking about in this song?  I do love the lyric "You may think I'm crazy but I'm serious. It's better you know now."  Sometimes you need to warn people. LOL!  Have a happy weekend everybody. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Roundup

I was just as surprised as everyone else about Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman splitting up (30 years...what was the "last straw" that y'all couldn't work it out after 30 years?!?!?!!?) But as long as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler stay together, I'm good.  - Daily Mail UK

Carlton Banks Alfonso Ribeiro got married - People

For all of my fellow Marvel fans: AGENT COULSON IS BACK!! YAY!!! - TV Line

It's almost Halloween. That means it's time for underwhelmed children dressed in costumes they hate and don't understand. - Buzzfeed

Apparently, Tyra's new show is going to be called Fivehead. Make your paper girl. - Deadline Hollywood

Next year, Toya and I HAVE TO GO to Black Girls Rock! - BET

I feel like every time a new iPhone comes out, there's a story about them tracking their users. What are y'all doing over there at Apple? - Newser

And speaking of iPhones, SNL's iPhone skit will make you feel like a jerk for complaining about your 1st world smart phone problems. - The Stir

I love me some Brad Pitt. But I don't feel no kind of way about this Chanel No 5 commercial. In fact, I think I may actually DISLIKE it. It's...odd


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not Ashamed

Neither Toya nor myself are ashamed of how much we like this song and Taylor Swift in general.

That is all. Happy Wednesday.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I will NOT let Glee make me cry - Tia

I've been trying to clean out my DVR before I move. Because of all of the traveling I do my DVR stays around 80% full all of the time. So I've been trying to catch up on all of my fall premiers before I have to give my equipment back to Comcast. Pretty much all of my free time is spent packing and watching television. (Insert sarcasm here) It's a skill to be productive whilst doing something that by definition makes you unproductive. *pats self on the back*

I wish someone had told me that I would spend the better part of a lot of these shows crying from sadness or crying from laughter. CRYING....And don't even get me started on, "You are ORNAMENTAL AND NOT FUNCTIONAL!!!!" I have beef with Shonda Rhimes over Scandal but I'll get into that in another post.

I didn't feel no kind of way Rachel and Fin and Britney and Santana breaking up on Glee. But that Blaine and Kurt.....woooo....I'm hurt for real behind that. I'm sad like they're real people and I know them personally. I think I would have been okay if Blaine hadn't gotten up on that piano and DESTROYED "Teenage Dream." And when he hit that high note on "hands" during the last chorus, real talk, I slid to the floor, snatched up the remote and rewound it 5 times. CHILD....that boy SANGS his broken fictional heart out and iCANT.

*sigh* Like I said, I don't care too much about the other couples getting back together but I need Klaine (Kurt+Blaine for those who haven't had their coffee yet) to somehow end up together. Until then, I'll remember the happier times.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Car Karaoke - Hip Hop Edition - Tia

As you know, I've been driving back and forth between Nashville and Atlanta trying to find a place to live. Most of the 3 and 1/2 hour drive is spent listening to my iPod. I've got thousands of songs scattered across dozens of playlists but I find that there are certain songs that I just have to listen to when I'm driving.

I'm always going to listen to Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" and sing the mess out of it.
(Aside: I'm CERTAIN people think I'm crazy if they catch a glimpse of me going IN at the bridge.
Thunder rumbling/Castles crumbling/I am trying to hold oooooonnnnn
God knows that I tried/Seeing the bright side/I'm not blind anymoooooore
Yeah, I sing that with my hand up and everything. )

There's usually a gospel medley around Chattanooga. (Let "The Presence of the Lord" get at you real quick.)

And during the last drive I realized that there are a handful of hip-hop songs that a.) I always end up listening to when I drive and b.) Never ever get old to me. Some of these songs are from the 90s, which is old by certain standards. But they come on and I have to turn them up and get hyped.

So in no particular, here are a few of my favorite hip-hop songs to car karaoke to on a long drive.

Mo Money, Mo Problems

Anyone who knows this songs gets AMPED when Big's verse starts. Seriously, I have been in a room with some uptight people and Big's verse comes in and they became completely different people. This song is just the right kind of fun hip-hop that everyone could get into. Nowadays everyone in hip-hop seems obsessed with being ridiculous....But that's another topic for another time.

It's So Hard

To this day, Toya and I still giggle about one line in this song, "GO THAT WAY!" It is so apropos for so many occasions. A dusty dude tries to talk to you, "GO THAT WAY!" One of your friends is being all kinds of ridiculous, "GO THAT WAY!"  Your dad is trying to talk to you while you're watching Pride and Prejudice...You pause it and see what he has to say. He is your father after all. Don't be rude.

All I Do Is Win

I have no shine for T-Pain, Rick Ross or Snoop. I will mess with Luda because I feel like every time he drops a verse on ANYONE'S song he improves it exponentially. But as for the rest....GO THAT WAY!

But this song KNOCKS. Khaled killed it with this track. And this track is my theme song on so many occasions: When I finish a good run. When I smoke someone at SongPop. When my manager approves my report on the first approval. It's just so versatile.

What You Know

I lived in Atlanta when this song came out. You could not go ANYWHERE without hearing it. I remember I was at the park and I heard it as someone's ringtone. I was in Whole Foods and some guy was listening to it on his iPod. Between T.I. being local and the tie in with the movie ATL, this song was everywhere.

And Lord help me if it comes on randomly while I have my iPod on shuffle. I will unabashedly get hyped. Don't care where I am, what I'm doing. Those first couple of notes hit and it's over for me.

(Warning: This one isn't edited and y'all know 2Pac you know...listen as you will.)

*sigh* I STILL love me some 2Pac. I feel like when Pac and Big died hip-hop essentially died with them. Yeah, we have some artists who put out a good song here and there. But for the most part, I don't have much to do with rap and hip-hop from the 2000s.

But with Pac, even after all of these years, I still play something from his catalog weekly. And confession, if I'm singing along to "Pain" and I mess up the verse, I will rewind the song and do it over until I get it right. I'm not ashamed to admit that.

Well, I'm off. I have to pack up the car and head back to the 'Ville so I can catch a flight tomorrow. So if you should pass a brown girl on I-75, looking angry and spittin' lyrics to no one in particular, don't worry. It's just me doing hip-hop car karaoke to pass the time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Get Into Solange - Tia

HOLY CRAP!!! I just realized that NEITHER of us have posted since mid-September. That is SOOOO unacceptable. Please forgive us. 

I know it's been WEEKS since I've posted. But this time I have a real good excuse reason. Aside from traveling like crazy, I have to move. Yes, I was already toying with the idea of moving. But now the house that I rent has been sold so I have no choice but to pack up my things and find a new domicile. And since Nashville leaves me bored and uninspired on almost a constant basis, I have been house hunting in Atlanta. So every free moment I've had has been spent (unsuccessfully) looking for a place.

Now I'm down to the wire. I've got about 2-3 weeks before I'm left to put my things in storage and sleep on my dad's hard as a rock futon in his guest bedroom.

All of that to say, I've been busy.

Anyway, I'm still learning to not just sleep in my down time. I figure if I could just learn a bit of time management I could dedicate more time to sharing my random thoughts with the BGLU faithful. So as I sit in the Albany airport (which is sparse...Geez, I thought Nashville was bad) I figured I'd hip you to some new music. How does that sound?

Now after the longest intro ever....on to the post.

I like Solange. I feel like she gets unfairly shaded and doesn't receive near enough shine. The girl is talented. And despite what the haters say, she is every bit as gorgeous as her sister. I rock her Hadley St. album on the regular. Though it wasn't commercially successful, anyone with an ear for real music will tell you that the album is solid and innovative. It's unfortunate that people seems to only listen with their eyes. (Interpret that as you will.)

I ALWAYS look forward to new music from Solange. I like her because she's fun. I respect her because she's going put out a quality product that won't sound like something regurgitated from the radio. Solange is just going to be who she is and I dig that.

Her new song "Losing You" feels very 80s freestyle to me. Though Toya may LOVE some freestyle music, I'm not the biggest fan. (It's just too busy and I feel like NO ONE can really sing in the genre.) But this song I can get behind. While it may inadvertently conjure up thought's of "Lost in Emotion" or something Stacey Q-ish, it's Solange through and through. I really hope this song is indicative of the next album. If so, I'm already down.

And can I just take a moment to say the video made me want to go to Cape Town, like NOW. Black people are SO beautiful. And while I'm proud to be an American, I often feel like our nation suffers from a lack of culture. I sometimes feel that our nation is all skinny jeans, silly reality stars and fried food. I think it would benefit all of us to step outside of our borders and experience the beauty of a place that's more than a few hundred years old.

I could go on but my plane just got to the gate. Love ya BGLUers! See you soon.