Monday, September 17, 2012

File this under: Things I'm Not Here For - Tia


Last week I came back from vacation in Puerto Rico only to promptly get sick and feel miserable. It seems wrong to spend several days in a warm, tropical environment relaxing and then come home and feel like crap.

I say all of that to say maybe the reason my tolerance level for the new crop of judges is so low is because I feel like warmed over mush. Or maybe it's just because this is the worst assortment of people I've ever seen ever selected to judge a singing competition.

There is so much "I Can't" in this picture that I don't know where to begin. I can't with Nicki Minaj's hair. I can't with Mariah's "This heifer is sharing the screen with MOI" smile. I can't with Seacrest's "I'm going to need way more Prozac to get through this" look. I can't with Randy even being okay with this cacophony of people. I can't with the randomness of Keith Urban. I. JUST. CAN'T!!!

I basically tapped out on Idol when the winners all pretty much became indistinguishable. I couldn't tell you who won after David Cook. Just insert white, guitar playing male under the shower of confetti at the end of the season and you have a winner. Doesn't matter who he is as long as he's white and is a singer song writer type. You could basically walk the streets of Nashville on any given day and find your next American Idol. And that is pretty boring.

So despite Idol's desperate attempt to trump up viewers with this sad array of singers...performers...people on the judge's panel, it's unlikely I'll be watching. For now I will continue to be blessed by the shade thrown by Demi and Britney on X-Factor. My goodness, those two throw the best side eyes, shade and general disdain that I have seen in a while. And I must confess that I am truly blessed by it.

I rewound Demi saying, "Nope" at 3:10 no fewer than 10 times. Bless you sweetie and the shade you throw.


deevinej said...

Dood on X-Factor had stalker written all over his face. He was quite creepy. Britney was probably thinking hmm...maybe I should file an RO just in case. Usually I watch the first three weeks of Idol because it's the most entertaining to me. I don't get Nicki Minaj and probably never will or what to. I just see the pairing with her and Mariah as a major train wreck waiting to happen.

John said...
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