Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shameless Post of the Day - Tia

zac efron john john campaign 03
If Zac Efron wasn't an embryo...a zygote...an egg that was fertilized 15 minutes ago, I would totally have a crush on him.

But since he still has placenta behind his ears I will keep it moving.

For those of us who feel inappropriate having crushes on actors who are the same age as our little brothers (or in some cases, young enough to be your child had you been promiscuous during your adolescent years) behold the beautiful and more than legal aged Michael Ealy.


Patrice said...

Yes to all of this! Sidenote: And now Kevin Hart is hosting the VMAs..say what. Curious to see how my favorite funny man does...

Danielle said...

But how can you compare Zach and Michael? To curb my Zac Efron crush (and it's just barely curbed to be honest) I think about Mr. Gosling. He's age appropriate right?

The zygote I would compare Michael to is the kid with the big hair from High School Musical. But I never actually watched those movies because I don't want to feel like a child predator looking at Zac.

jaymi lynne said...

I've decided i need to meet zac in person so I can get over it. I know someone working on a movie with him right now so I'm trying to get a set visit ;-) or at the least a wrap party invite.
Side note: i have this secret dream of singing "go your own way" by fleetwood mac as a duet with him.