Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday JC - Tia

Yesterday was JC Chasez' birthday. I know this because I have been in love with him for 20 some odd years give or take.

No seriously...JC was ALWAYS my favorite on The Mickey Mouse Club. Justin was puny and his voice was a little too whiney for my taste. I had no shine for Ryan Gosling back in the day. The only other guy who kind of held my attention for any length of time was Damon Pampolina. And even he was a distant second with everyone else coming in 3rd.

It was that face....and that voice. Seriously, he sang circles around EVERYONE. (Yes, I'm including Justin with EVERYONE.)

A friend of mine was working as a personal assistant to some music producer when I was out in LA. My friend had the phone number of ANYONE you could think of in the music game. I name them, their number was in his phone. This INCLUDED JC. I remember sitting outside at an In-n-Out when my friend showed me JC's number. I think my heart may have stopped for a few seconds. It took all that I had in me not to steal the phone or copy the number. Because I A.) did not want to get arrested for stalking and forever blow my chance to holla at JC and B.) didn't want my friend to lose his job because clearly it was a good job with many perks. However, looking back, not getting that number  is one of the great regrets of my life, previous points notwithstanding.

Anyway, because it's his birthday week, I will refrain from writing JC ANOTHER open letter beseeching him to get to work making another album. While Schizophrenic took a while to grow on me, I stand by it as a good album. It was just ahead of the curve. People were expecting 'N Sync part II. So when he decided to do something innovative the listening public didn't know what to do with it. The same thing happened with Patrick Stump's album Soul Punk (which, by the way, is also a great album that got slept on.) Since it's his birthday, I will not tell him that I think he needs to leave ABDC and get in the studio. I will not tell him that if I could just have 30 minutes of his time I could change his whole world (get your minds out of the gutters people) and he would be writing the best songs of his LIFE. (Black girls are fly like that.) I will simply say, "Happy Birthday! I still think you're fine. Holla at me if you want to have a drink or two."

And in honor of JC's birthday, Styleist did a run down of JC's style evolution. Personally, I like the brooding, pensive JC:

But some of these aren't too bad. And since you know I have jokes...Here are a few of my comments to  go with the pictures. All said in LOVE of course:


4. I like how the stylist only dressed the two who had chances at serious careers post 'N Sync in big boy clothes. The rest got leftovers from the "It's Gonna Be Me" video

6. Whoever designed these Mariachi Clown costumes for this tour is working at McDonald's right now. I guarantee it. 

13. This JC smokes pot. Sadly, I'm okay with it. 

19. This JC does telenovelas on Telemundo. Also okay with it. 

23. I would kick it with ALL of the JCs. But a JC in a skull cap and Chuck Taylors does something to my insides that is not altogether godly. 

30. Why does this outfit look like it came as a set on a plastic hanger?


38. I…I don't understand.




jeanette nicole* said...

Love this post. Like Tia I've also had a long standing crush on Joshua Scott Chasez...and wish terribly that he'd get back in the studio.

Lei said...

I used to watch the mess out of MCC, so when NSYNC premiered JC was the only one I recognized. Took me a minute to figure out that was Justin. JC is no joke when it comes to singing. Very much underated.

Damon P of The Party-where u at? He was hot!

Tiffany said...

1. That first picture of JC = SCHWING!

2. But who would you choose now- JC or Ryan Gosling? (Your loyalty to the former withstanding)

Tiffany said...

Wait..."Not withstanding"..yeah, that sounds right...maybe.