Friday, August 31, 2012

Favourite Things: Autumn Edition - Tia

I used to be a diehard fan of summer. I think part of it was because I love to swim. From June to August you never had to wonder where I was on Saturday morning. If it was sunny, I was at the pool with my walkman/CD player/iPod and a book. Summer was for me...until recently. 

I'm not exactly sure when it happened but I've come to greatly dislike summer. I'm tired of playing the "how few clothes can I wear and still be modest" game. The $200 electric bills from the A/C CONSTANTLY running get really old, really quickly. My hair refuses to stay straight because I'm in a perpetual state of sweating out my press. I sweat LIKE A DUDE!!! Summer is great for the occasional pool visits, but beyond that I'm SO over it. 

So as I sit here sipping on my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, I figured I'd share a few of my favourite things that will continue to ensure that Autumn is my new boo. 

Peacoats and Turtlenecks

What you first need to know is that this picture of Common literally just made me gasp. All I did was search for a picture of turtlenecks and this was one of my results. It's like the internet knew Common needed to be the example of what I like to see in the Fall. Moving on. 

The beauty of fall weather is that it brings out fall clothing. Summer clothes don't leave a lot to the imagination. There comes a point when you're just trying to not suffocate in the heat. So there is far less material to work with. But bring on some cooler temps and the coats and the turtlenecks come out. Le Sigh. 

I love a man in a well tailored garment. And I'm of the mindset that a turtleneck, especially in black, ups a man's hotness factor by at least 3 points. I seriously don't know one man who doesn't look good in a turtleneck. And Lord help us all if he puts an excellent fitting peacock on over it. I see you Michael Fassbender...I see you boo. 


It starts with my first Pumpkin Spice Latte, then it all goes downhill. I can't get enough pumpkin in my diet. From the lattes to the cookies to the pumpkin bread I make that makes you want to do a happy dance of Hallelujah praise because it's so good, (yes, it's THAT good!) there is pumpkin EVERYWHERE! If you put pumpkin in it, I'll try anything once. It's a sickness and I wholeheartedly embrace it. 

UGG Boots
I used to CLOWN UGGs. I thought they were shapeless shoes for lazy people. That was until I got a pair. MAN!!! I didn't know what I was missing out on. These boots are the best thing that ever happened to my feet in the winter. 

I love to buy shoes. But I only like to wear them for about 2 hours and then I'd rather be barefoot. Obviously, that's not always feasible, so the next best thing is wearing shoes/boots I don't mind wearing for a while. That's where the Uggs come in. They are so soft and warm. And they're the only footwear I own that I don't instinctually want to kick off after I've been sitting down for longer than 2 minutes. Maneuvering the mean winter streets of Los Angeles (shut it) became a lot easier once I invested in a pair *cough3pairs* of UGGs. And once I moved back to a city that had a real winter, my UGGs were pretty much the only shoes I wore from October to March. And I'm not ashamed to admit that. 

Fall Television
I don't know one person who's not looking forward to the return of at least one television show this fall. Every September I start getting giddy about the return of any number of fictional characters. Around August I begin to miss them as if they're real friends I haven't seen because of summer vacation. (Don't judge me.) 

My Thursdays this fall are pretty much full. So don't ask me to do anything. Between, Big Bang, 30 Rock, Up All Night, Grey's, Glee, Parks and Rec AND Scandal all coming on on the same night, I've pretty much just resigned myself to the fact that I will be the least productive person in the world every Thursday. 

There are a couple of new shows I'll probably check out including The Mindy Project

and Revolution. (My inner nerd is excited about this one.) 

But lest I turn into one of those people who doesn't do anything but watch hours of DVR'ed programs every weekend I'm going to have to draw the line somewhere. Where that line will be...well, that's TBD. 

I take the end of my latte as a sign that I should wrap this post up. If you haven't already grabbed your keys (or if you're fortunate enough to live in a walking city, your shoes) and started making your way to the nearest Starbucks, Caribou (Their Pumpkin White Chocolate Mocha is love in a cup) or Port City Java (good luck with that one as there are only about 30 in the US) to obtain your seasonal pumpkin themed drink then you obviously don't love Autumn and there's nothing I can do for you. 

Happy Friday y'all!!

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