Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So it is absolutely NO secret that I am a Brandy fan. I have all of her albums and I bought Urban Renewal solely because of the Brandy/Ray J cover of "Another Day In Paradise." I STAN for Brandy. In my opinion she is one of the most slept on artists of all time. Yes, I said of ALL TIME. And I really don't understand why. That chick can SANG!! (For the doubters, please see below. And if possible, listen to this on a some real speakers so that you can fully understand that Brandy is a vocal beast.)

"When Put It Down" came out on Soundcloud I WORE IT OUT!!! I could not wait for it to hit iTunes so that I could bump it in the car, at the gym, at the house. It knocks. I dare you to say it doesn't. But R&B stations being what they are, I never ONCE heard it on the radio. I did hear it often on satellite. But I don't know too many huge R&B listeners who subscribe to satellite radio. (I only had satellite because I travel a lot and pretty much demand that my rental cars have XM/Sirius.)

So once again I was pissed off at the state of music and radio airplay in general because what should have been the banger of the summer was getting NO SHINE, yet every time I dared turn on the radio, (which mind you, was not often) I had to be assaulted by yet another craptacular Nicki Minaj song. (Nicki Minaj stans, our email address is just to the right there. Feel free to send hate mail. We need to clean out our inbox anyway, so what's one more email?)

You can not imagine how geeked I was when Brandy tweeted that she was making a video for "Put It Down." I had no expectations save for one. I hoped that Brandy went all in on this video. I hoped that she held nothing back so that when the video dropped people would see that she's not just a singer but also a performer. And let me tell you, Brandy did not disappoint.

From the styling (shout out to the 90s Brandy with the braids) to the dancing, Ms. Norwood OWNED this video. I'm proud like she's my sister or something. I really hope that this is the spark this song needs to catapult it into the stratosphere where it belongs. People need to know that Brandy is not just some 90s throwback. This chick is the real deal. Say what you want, but talent is talent. And Brandy is chock full of it.

I have but two words for Brandy: YES!! MA'AM!!


Danielle said...

I have SO MANY OPINIONS about Brandy. To start, I love her. I feel like she is my sister too and I'm routing for her. No one's voice in modern pop compares. Secondly, I have heard "Put It Down" on the radio and I was thrilled...but I haven't heard it enough.

Here is the bad part in my opinion. Brandy is not sexy, but she wants to be. This is a problem. I think she should stick to the "friendship Brandy" and ditch the diva Brandy because no one is buying it. Secondly and most importantly to me, Brandy and Ray-J need to separate brands. Big time. They seem to have very few of the same fans and ppl like me who adore Brandy and despise Ray-J are just sick of it. Give me Brandy all day everyday but leave Bray-J at home.

Nita K. said...

I hadn't heard this, but then again my local radio stations are craptacular. So, thank you for this.

Jacquie said...

@Danielle - Eh, I feel you on the separation of Brandy and Ray J. It makes total sense! I mean, Brandy and I are about 3-5 years apart so I remember when she first came out in the overalls and doogie bob braids and getting down on Thea. Really tho--Ray J?? Never was a fan. Jason Weaver...son, where'd you go?