Wednesday, August 22, 2012


You Done Good, Girl! Janelle Monae is the Latest Covergirl!

Confession: I may/may not be a Janelle Monae style jacker. I just didn't realize it. I love wearing black and white, I love a nude or smoky eye with a strong red lip, and I love, LOVE, a pompadour

I guess this is why it was so simple for me to be her for Halloween.

If I were in fact accused of being a beat biter, dope style taker. I do have a defense.  I really just love all things retro and apparently we have similar taste. So imagine the high pitched, almost undetectable to human ears squeal that came out my mouth when I saw that Janelle Monae is the latest face of Covergirl! AAAAAAAAH!!!! Seriously, you would've thought it was Tia they way I was fanning away tears. 

Sidebar: Am I the only chocolate sista that thought "Do their foundations run that deep? Could I actually find my shade?"  Moving on. 

Run to and check out her spread. Also if you are a Pinterest fan (I am so confused by Pinterest) go to and check out behind the scenes photos and videos of her shoot as well as DIY tips on how to tie a bow tie, make saddle shoes and create a pompadour. I am seriously so proud!!!

"Find your inner Covergirl"?  Oh I will be doing just that Miss Monae.  I think I'll be heading over to the Covergirl section at my neighborhood drugstore this weekend to find my new shade of red for the fall.  AND MAC discontinued my favorite red lipstick???  You've sold me on this one Covergirl!

"Here is something you can't understand..."  LL Cool J Puts the Smack Down on Home Intruder

Hold up.  Oh HEYEEELL NO!

So by now you've probably heard that some dumb and unfortunate soul tried to bust up into LL Cool J's house and rob him while he and his family were asleep.  Let me just break this down for you. A robber tried to bust up into the home of Queens, NY 's own LL Cool J,

There is none finer. No not one.

a man who is KNOWN for looking like this:

For a living mind you

and attempted to rob him and his family.  

Okay, I'm sure it wasn't funny at all but who in the world would think that is a good idea?!  This is dumb on so many levels!  I mean, I don't watch NCIS but I know he's in it!  I only have two possible explanations for this:

1.  The robber had a death wish.
2.  Gilbert Gottfried and LL Cool J are neighbors and the guy accidentally picked the wrong house.  You probably shouldn't sleep on Gilbert either.  People are packin' nowadays! 

Can me and my 9 MM help you, Mr. Burglar sir?

 I don't think it's any surprise that the would be burglar is still in the hospital and will have some jail time waiting for him once he gets out. Thank God LL and his family weren't hurt.  

Welcome to Your Newest Obsession and Time Waster: SongPop

Let me get this straight: they combined music trivia and competition on an already highly addictive social network?  The is the last thing I needed available to me on Facebook. I am already highly competitive and a musical know it all.  Someone doesn't want me to win in life.  

If you aren't already hip to SongPop, this may either be great news to you or a warning.  This new game, which is also available on Android and iPhone, is a must for competitive music lovers everywhere.  Here's the gist: you can choose from different categories like 80's Classics, Today's Hits, One Hit Wonders, Classic Rap and more.  Then a snippet of a song is played and four choices pop up, either song titles or artists.  The quicker you choose the correct answer, the more points you get.  Once you complete your portion of the round, your results are then sent to the person you are challenging  and then they have to try to beat your score.  It's awesome!  So awesome that I refuse to play on my phone. The last thing I need to do is have this game available to me at all times. 

To find out more about the fastest growing game on Facebook, check out Oh and if you want to get your feelings hurt, feel free to challenge me. My username is ToyaIsRandom and I am a BEAST...and also a chronic trash talker. I apologize in advance for the trash talking and inevitable butt whoopin' that...see? I'm sorry. I have a problem.  


jeanette nicole* said...

SongPop is my crack. I'm seriously addicted to it and my friends all talk about how I whoop their butts mercilessly on it, so I guess I'ma have to challenge you! LOL

deevinej said...

I've just challenged you, Toya. *what am I getting myself into?* lol!

ToyaBGLU said...

Okay BGLU readers have caught me slippin'! I have been playing while sleepy and y'all have been beating me!!! I can't have that! LOL!!! I'm creepin' on a come up though. ;) Thanks for the challenge!