Friday, August 31, 2012

Favourite Things: Autumn Edition - Tia

I used to be a diehard fan of summer. I think part of it was because I love to swim. From June to August you never had to wonder where I was on Saturday morning. If it was sunny, I was at the pool with my walkman/CD player/iPod and a book. Summer was for me...until recently. 

I'm not exactly sure when it happened but I've come to greatly dislike summer. I'm tired of playing the "how few clothes can I wear and still be modest" game. The $200 electric bills from the A/C CONSTANTLY running get really old, really quickly. My hair refuses to stay straight because I'm in a perpetual state of sweating out my press. I sweat LIKE A DUDE!!! Summer is great for the occasional pool visits, but beyond that I'm SO over it. 

So as I sit here sipping on my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, I figured I'd share a few of my favourite things that will continue to ensure that Autumn is my new boo. 

Peacoats and Turtlenecks

What you first need to know is that this picture of Common literally just made me gasp. All I did was search for a picture of turtlenecks and this was one of my results. It's like the internet knew Common needed to be the example of what I like to see in the Fall. Moving on. 

The beauty of fall weather is that it brings out fall clothing. Summer clothes don't leave a lot to the imagination. There comes a point when you're just trying to not suffocate in the heat. So there is far less material to work with. But bring on some cooler temps and the coats and the turtlenecks come out. Le Sigh. 

I love a man in a well tailored garment. And I'm of the mindset that a turtleneck, especially in black, ups a man's hotness factor by at least 3 points. I seriously don't know one man who doesn't look good in a turtleneck. And Lord help us all if he puts an excellent fitting peacock on over it. I see you Michael Fassbender...I see you boo. 


It starts with my first Pumpkin Spice Latte, then it all goes downhill. I can't get enough pumpkin in my diet. From the lattes to the cookies to the pumpkin bread I make that makes you want to do a happy dance of Hallelujah praise because it's so good, (yes, it's THAT good!) there is pumpkin EVERYWHERE! If you put pumpkin in it, I'll try anything once. It's a sickness and I wholeheartedly embrace it. 

UGG Boots
I used to CLOWN UGGs. I thought they were shapeless shoes for lazy people. That was until I got a pair. MAN!!! I didn't know what I was missing out on. These boots are the best thing that ever happened to my feet in the winter. 

I love to buy shoes. But I only like to wear them for about 2 hours and then I'd rather be barefoot. Obviously, that's not always feasible, so the next best thing is wearing shoes/boots I don't mind wearing for a while. That's where the Uggs come in. They are so soft and warm. And they're the only footwear I own that I don't instinctually want to kick off after I've been sitting down for longer than 2 minutes. Maneuvering the mean winter streets of Los Angeles (shut it) became a lot easier once I invested in a pair *cough3pairs* of UGGs. And once I moved back to a city that had a real winter, my UGGs were pretty much the only shoes I wore from October to March. And I'm not ashamed to admit that. 

Fall Television
I don't know one person who's not looking forward to the return of at least one television show this fall. Every September I start getting giddy about the return of any number of fictional characters. Around August I begin to miss them as if they're real friends I haven't seen because of summer vacation. (Don't judge me.) 

My Thursdays this fall are pretty much full. So don't ask me to do anything. Between, Big Bang, 30 Rock, Up All Night, Grey's, Glee, Parks and Rec AND Scandal all coming on on the same night, I've pretty much just resigned myself to the fact that I will be the least productive person in the world every Thursday. 

There are a couple of new shows I'll probably check out including The Mindy Project

and Revolution. (My inner nerd is excited about this one.) 

But lest I turn into one of those people who doesn't do anything but watch hours of DVR'ed programs every weekend I'm going to have to draw the line somewhere. Where that line will be...well, that's TBD. 

I take the end of my latte as a sign that I should wrap this post up. If you haven't already grabbed your keys (or if you're fortunate enough to live in a walking city, your shoes) and started making your way to the nearest Starbucks, Caribou (Their Pumpkin White Chocolate Mocha is love in a cup) or Port City Java (good luck with that one as there are only about 30 in the US) to obtain your seasonal pumpkin themed drink then you obviously don't love Autumn and there's nothing I can do for you. 

Happy Friday y'all!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You Should Know: Elle Varner - Tia

Maybe I'm just getting old. Or maybe music is just getting worse...I can't call it. But these days it takes a lot for me to invest in an entire album. An artist usually needs to have at least 4 singles before I buy the record. You have to thoroughly impress me before I give you my $9.99. So imagine my surprise when I found myself popping over to iTunes to download Elle Varner's new album Perfectly Imperfect after hearing only 2 songs.

I was at my favorite Starbucks talking to my musical soulmate Brandon who informed me that Perfectly Imperfect was not only selling well but was expected to exceeded projections. Aside from "Refill" (which I loved) I hadn't heard a lot from Elle. Curiosity being what it is, I ran along home and booted up Spotify. I wanted to see if the cute, quirky girl from the "Refill" video could actually produce a solid album.

I randomly selected a track and dug in. As "Stop the Clock" came to a close at 4 minutes and 6 seconds I found myself dutifully opening iTunes and assuring the store that "Yes" I wanted to download the album.  To this day, I'm still a bit uncertain what it was about that one song that let me know that I was going to enjoy the whole album. But I must confess, I do love it. From start to finish, Elle Varner's first project has my heart.

The beauty of this album is every track stands alone as a solid bit of storytelling. Whether the theme is love or heartbreak, partying or growing old together, each song tells a 4 minute tale and gives you insight on who Elle Varner is. You can't help but want to be her home girl. Because remember that time she lost her car at the bar after too many shots of Patron. ("Oh What A Night") As cute as she is she can still be a total shy girl around a cute boy. ("Not Tonight") And just when you find yourself wishing you had a smaller/bigger waist/hips/thighs/boobs, like any good homie, Elle reminds you (in a rather tongue in cheek manner) that you're awesomesauce just the way you are. ("So Fly") Yeah...we all need a friend like Elle.

There is something so "every girl" about Perfectly Imperfect. Regardless of who you or what you've been through, you'd be hard pressed not to find something relatable in Elle's music. A great album from start to finish, you'll find yourself singing along, reminiscing about that wild night, and loving the adorably cute girl who wrote some great songs to add to the soundtrack of your life.

Elle Varner - Refill by foxysoul

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


You Done Good, Girl! Janelle Monae is the Latest Covergirl!

Confession: I may/may not be a Janelle Monae style jacker. I just didn't realize it. I love wearing black and white, I love a nude or smoky eye with a strong red lip, and I love, LOVE, a pompadour

I guess this is why it was so simple for me to be her for Halloween.

If I were in fact accused of being a beat biter, dope style taker. I do have a defense.  I really just love all things retro and apparently we have similar taste. So imagine the high pitched, almost undetectable to human ears squeal that came out my mouth when I saw that Janelle Monae is the latest face of Covergirl! AAAAAAAAH!!!! Seriously, you would've thought it was Tia they way I was fanning away tears. 

Sidebar: Am I the only chocolate sista that thought "Do their foundations run that deep? Could I actually find my shade?"  Moving on. 

Run to and check out her spread. Also if you are a Pinterest fan (I am so confused by Pinterest) go to and check out behind the scenes photos and videos of her shoot as well as DIY tips on how to tie a bow tie, make saddle shoes and create a pompadour. I am seriously so proud!!!

"Find your inner Covergirl"?  Oh I will be doing just that Miss Monae.  I think I'll be heading over to the Covergirl section at my neighborhood drugstore this weekend to find my new shade of red for the fall.  AND MAC discontinued my favorite red lipstick???  You've sold me on this one Covergirl!

"Here is something you can't understand..."  LL Cool J Puts the Smack Down on Home Intruder

Hold up.  Oh HEYEEELL NO!

So by now you've probably heard that some dumb and unfortunate soul tried to bust up into LL Cool J's house and rob him while he and his family were asleep.  Let me just break this down for you. A robber tried to bust up into the home of Queens, NY 's own LL Cool J,

There is none finer. No not one.

a man who is KNOWN for looking like this:

For a living mind you

and attempted to rob him and his family.  

Okay, I'm sure it wasn't funny at all but who in the world would think that is a good idea?!  This is dumb on so many levels!  I mean, I don't watch NCIS but I know he's in it!  I only have two possible explanations for this:

1.  The robber had a death wish.
2.  Gilbert Gottfried and LL Cool J are neighbors and the guy accidentally picked the wrong house.  You probably shouldn't sleep on Gilbert either.  People are packin' nowadays! 

Can me and my 9 MM help you, Mr. Burglar sir?

 I don't think it's any surprise that the would be burglar is still in the hospital and will have some jail time waiting for him once he gets out. Thank God LL and his family weren't hurt.  

Welcome to Your Newest Obsession and Time Waster: SongPop

Let me get this straight: they combined music trivia and competition on an already highly addictive social network?  The is the last thing I needed available to me on Facebook. I am already highly competitive and a musical know it all.  Someone doesn't want me to win in life.  

If you aren't already hip to SongPop, this may either be great news to you or a warning.  This new game, which is also available on Android and iPhone, is a must for competitive music lovers everywhere.  Here's the gist: you can choose from different categories like 80's Classics, Today's Hits, One Hit Wonders, Classic Rap and more.  Then a snippet of a song is played and four choices pop up, either song titles or artists.  The quicker you choose the correct answer, the more points you get.  Once you complete your portion of the round, your results are then sent to the person you are challenging  and then they have to try to beat your score.  It's awesome!  So awesome that I refuse to play on my phone. The last thing I need to do is have this game available to me at all times. 

To find out more about the fastest growing game on Facebook, check out Oh and if you want to get your feelings hurt, feel free to challenge me. My username is ToyaIsRandom and I am a BEAST...and also a chronic trash talker. I apologize in advance for the trash talking and inevitable butt whoopin' that...see? I'm sorry. I have a problem.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

File this under "your childhood can't win in 2012" - Tia

I just read that director Tony Scott took his own life over the weekend. I swear 2012 is determined to ruin my childhood with all of the celebrity deaths.

You may not be familiar with Tony Scott but you're certainly familiar with his work. He directed Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II and pretty much anything Denzel Washington starred in in the last 5 years. But without question, my favorite piece that Tony directed was the video for George Michael's One More Try. Dark, full of angst and a wind machine...You can't beat that with a stick.


Weekend Roundup

Apparently NKOTB, BSB, and 98 Degrees all performed together in Hershey, PA at the Mixtape Festival. Real talk: I don't think I could have handled all of that boybandness. If it's possible, I would have exploded from glee and giggles. Plus, my cousin told me that Donnie kept taking off his shirt. Y'all KNOW how I feel about Donnie Wahlberg. It's an illness, a sickness and ungodliness all rolled into one and I DON'T CARE!!!! I LOVE YOU DONNIE!! - MTV

Rihanna sat down with Oprah to talk about a little of this and that...and of course Chris Breezy - That Grape Juice

I (Tia) don't like Ryan Lochte. He's far too frat boyish for my liking. Plus he seems like he's the type of dude who would exclusively wear Ed Hardy stuff (clothing d-bags since 2004) and watch shows like the Jersey Shore and think they were funny. And during this interview he said it was hard to say his lines and remember to move....WAIT...did he just say walking and talking is hard to do? I officially can't with this dude. - HuffPo

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY support Terrence J as Hollywood's next leading man. You hear me?!?! WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!!! - The Root 

I guess last week's performance will be the last time the Spice Girls will reunite. Insert sadness here. - Metro UK

Remember Ryder Strong from Boy Meets World? Yeah...he's still hot. - BuzzFeed

The other day it was unseasonably cool here and I found myself thinking, "I sure could go for a Pumpkin Spice Latte." The Lord and Starbucks have heard my cry. - Mashable

Jordin Sparks is on the cover of Shape magazine looking FIERCE. Yes Ma'am. - Shape

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fun Music Friday: New Kids on the Block Perform "The Right Stuff" on Showtime at The Apollo

Happy birthday Donnie Wahlberg!

I realized this morning that I always remember that it is Donnie Wahlberg's birthday because he and my dad share the same birthday. This is why we have never shouted out the rest of NKOTB's birthdays. The fact that I even remember that Jordan and Danny's birthdays are both in May prove that once a Blockhead, always a Blockhead. That also proves why I had to go to summer school for Geometry and Biology. Evidently I was too focused on other frivolous things. Oh those carefree teenage years.

I remember when New Kids performed on Showtime at the Apollo.  I was nervous as all get out. It was the Apollo!  Countless people have been booed at the Apollo, some who have gone on to have great and successful careers.  But as you can see from the video and the chanting of "Go white boys" by the audience, they quickly won them over. It's been a long time since I've seen this performance. Journey with me as I reflect more than twenty years later.

  1. I've got $20 that says that at the very least Donnie, Danny, and possibly even Joey tried to hit on Pebbles while they were at the Apollo. 
  2. Jordan Knight was the hottest thing since Al B. Sure when he came out. I remember the first time my cousin and I saw him on screen and we were like "Hold up. WHAT?! Where do they make those at?"  That reminds me. Tia and I need to take a trip out to Dorchester this fall. Nothing says love like well dressed, layered, skully cap wearing boys with Boston accents. 
  3. I don't care what anyone says, the 12" mix of this song STILL knocks. Not even up for discussion. 
  4. *Reaches for office first aid kit to locate smelling saltsDEAD at 1:31.  "Oh we're lip synching this tonight? Oh y'all know I'm goin' IN during my solo! Trust!"  
  5. When they hit 'em with that Morris Day? Over. Remember when white boys being able to dance was a big deal? And then came the Mickey Mouse Club.*Does the Ryan Gosling body roll*
  6. Jordan Knight is trying his best to give y'all Ralph Tresvant realness and you will deal! By the way, whatever happened to Jordan's tail? Did he cut it off before eBay took off? He could have made a fortune! Is it in the Locks of Love archives? I'm just wondering here. 
  7. If you are a boy band consisting of at least four members and you do not work this Jackson Five move into your routine somehow, you aint about nothin'. Hang it up and do something else with your time. 
  8. Donnie:Bobby Brown, Danny:Michael Bivins, Jordan:Ralph Tresvant, Jon Knight:Lance Bass. 
  9. Seriously, this is still my jam. 
Happy Friday y'all! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So it is absolutely NO secret that I am a Brandy fan. I have all of her albums and I bought Urban Renewal solely because of the Brandy/Ray J cover of "Another Day In Paradise." I STAN for Brandy. In my opinion she is one of the most slept on artists of all time. Yes, I said of ALL TIME. And I really don't understand why. That chick can SANG!! (For the doubters, please see below. And if possible, listen to this on a some real speakers so that you can fully understand that Brandy is a vocal beast.)

"When Put It Down" came out on Soundcloud I WORE IT OUT!!! I could not wait for it to hit iTunes so that I could bump it in the car, at the gym, at the house. It knocks. I dare you to say it doesn't. But R&B stations being what they are, I never ONCE heard it on the radio. I did hear it often on satellite. But I don't know too many huge R&B listeners who subscribe to satellite radio. (I only had satellite because I travel a lot and pretty much demand that my rental cars have XM/Sirius.)

So once again I was pissed off at the state of music and radio airplay in general because what should have been the banger of the summer was getting NO SHINE, yet every time I dared turn on the radio, (which mind you, was not often) I had to be assaulted by yet another craptacular Nicki Minaj song. (Nicki Minaj stans, our email address is just to the right there. Feel free to send hate mail. We need to clean out our inbox anyway, so what's one more email?)

You can not imagine how geeked I was when Brandy tweeted that she was making a video for "Put It Down." I had no expectations save for one. I hoped that Brandy went all in on this video. I hoped that she held nothing back so that when the video dropped people would see that she's not just a singer but also a performer. And let me tell you, Brandy did not disappoint.

From the styling (shout out to the 90s Brandy with the braids) to the dancing, Ms. Norwood OWNED this video. I'm proud like she's my sister or something. I really hope that this is the spark this song needs to catapult it into the stratosphere where it belongs. People need to know that Brandy is not just some 90s throwback. This chick is the real deal. Say what you want, but talent is talent. And Brandy is chock full of it.

I have but two words for Brandy: YES!! MA'AM!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday JC - Tia

Yesterday was JC Chasez' birthday. I know this because I have been in love with him for 20 some odd years give or take.

No seriously...JC was ALWAYS my favorite on The Mickey Mouse Club. Justin was puny and his voice was a little too whiney for my taste. I had no shine for Ryan Gosling back in the day. The only other guy who kind of held my attention for any length of time was Damon Pampolina. And even he was a distant second with everyone else coming in 3rd.

It was that face....and that voice. Seriously, he sang circles around EVERYONE. (Yes, I'm including Justin with EVERYONE.)

A friend of mine was working as a personal assistant to some music producer when I was out in LA. My friend had the phone number of ANYONE you could think of in the music game. I name them, their number was in his phone. This INCLUDED JC. I remember sitting outside at an In-n-Out when my friend showed me JC's number. I think my heart may have stopped for a few seconds. It took all that I had in me not to steal the phone or copy the number. Because I A.) did not want to get arrested for stalking and forever blow my chance to holla at JC and B.) didn't want my friend to lose his job because clearly it was a good job with many perks. However, looking back, not getting that number  is one of the great regrets of my life, previous points notwithstanding.

Anyway, because it's his birthday week, I will refrain from writing JC ANOTHER open letter beseeching him to get to work making another album. While Schizophrenic took a while to grow on me, I stand by it as a good album. It was just ahead of the curve. People were expecting 'N Sync part II. So when he decided to do something innovative the listening public didn't know what to do with it. The same thing happened with Patrick Stump's album Soul Punk (which, by the way, is also a great album that got slept on.) Since it's his birthday, I will not tell him that I think he needs to leave ABDC and get in the studio. I will not tell him that if I could just have 30 minutes of his time I could change his whole world (get your minds out of the gutters people) and he would be writing the best songs of his LIFE. (Black girls are fly like that.) I will simply say, "Happy Birthday! I still think you're fine. Holla at me if you want to have a drink or two."

And in honor of JC's birthday, Styleist did a run down of JC's style evolution. Personally, I like the brooding, pensive JC:

But some of these aren't too bad. And since you know I have jokes...Here are a few of my comments to  go with the pictures. All said in LOVE of course:


4. I like how the stylist only dressed the two who had chances at serious careers post 'N Sync in big boy clothes. The rest got leftovers from the "It's Gonna Be Me" video

6. Whoever designed these Mariachi Clown costumes for this tour is working at McDonald's right now. I guarantee it. 

13. This JC smokes pot. Sadly, I'm okay with it. 

19. This JC does telenovelas on Telemundo. Also okay with it. 

23. I would kick it with ALL of the JCs. But a JC in a skull cap and Chuck Taylors does something to my insides that is not altogether godly. 

30. Why does this outfit look like it came as a set on a plastic hanger?


38. I…I don't understand.



Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why I love Lolo - Tia

I ran track for like...a semester. Running while not being chased used to not be my thing. (That has since changed, but never mind that.) I just didn't like running. I also didn't like losing. And no mater how many practices I went to I always came in third behind Sharon and Shondra. (Yes, 20+ years later I still remember their names.) It was infuriating to never be the best. I'm competitive by nature. I like to win. Who doesn't? So imagine my fragile junior high ego always having to deal with the never being number one. You know how I dealt with it....I quit.

Even though I was only a child then, I'm embarrassed to say that there have been times as an adult that I've taken on that same, "If I can't win, then I won't play" attitude about things I can't be perfect or great at in life. I think it's human nature to want to succeed. And failure hurts. Our innermost parts want to get away from the thing that's causing us the pain. And for a lot of us, when we don't win not only do we not play, but we have a foul attitude about it.

Enter: Lolo Jones

For the last 4 years she's been the golden girl of track and field. Blessed with extreme talent and an inspirational back story, it made all of the sense in the world for her to be the "face" of Olympic running. It didn't hurt that she's gorgeous. (Aside: my brother and I had the following text conversation the other day:
B - I want to marry Lolo Jones.
Me - I'm with it. She's cute AND she love Jesus.
B - I KNOW! That's like the winningest combination EVER!
Me - Yes...yes it is! LOL!)

But after failing to medal at two consecutive Olympics, the haters, as they're prone to do, decided to hate.

"Why does she get some much attention?"

"She's not even that good."

"I think that, on the podium tonight, the three girls that earned their spot and they got their medals and they worked hard and did what they need to do, prevailed." (This was a direct quote from one of Lolo's teammates. I was unaware that the official drink of Olympic medalists was Haterade. Good to know.)

I was simply amazed at the negativity. I'd be more inclined to understand it (not really) if Lolo spent all day, every day talking about how she's the greatest sprinter of all time. If she had an air of arrogance about her, the criticism, while still unnecessary would seem less...vicious.

But in every interview I saw or read, one thing remained consistent with Lolo Jones: Humility. Never once did I get the impression that she was anything short of grateful and honored to be where she is in life. And in the midst of her own victory, she still took the time to show compassion to a fellow fallen runner.
Read the story behind the picture here

To me, that speaks volumes of her character and sportsmanship, perhaps more so than her performances at the meets. 

Lolo Jones opened herself up and bared her soul on and off the track. Her willingness to let people in may very well have been the catalyst that detractors needed to try to cut her down when her performance came up just short. But where others may see failure, I see accomplishment. Standing before God and everyone else, is a woman who worked hard, held onto her beliefs, maintained her composure in situations that would devastate a lot of us and did it all with a great attitude. Yes, she grieved for her loss (as evidenced by her tweets.) She is, after all, human. Yet, through it all Lolo Jones emanates a level of grace and sportsmanship that is not often duplicated. (I'm looking at some of the American sprinters right know who you are...) 

Medal or no medal, I will forever be a fan of Lolo. Watching her comeback from a devastating performance in Beijing (followed by spinal surgery...I mean COME ON Y'ALL) made me a like her as  an athlete. But watching her maneuver the waters of hateful commentators, spiteful fellow runners and every other person with something negative to say, with a joy and composure that can ONLY come from being secure in who you are and who God says you are...well that just made me love that girl to pieces. 

Keep ya head up Lolo! We love you girl!

Isaiah 40:30-31
Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, the will walk and not be faint. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shameless Post of the Day - Tia

zac efron john john campaign 03
If Zac Efron wasn't an embryo...a egg that was fertilized 15 minutes ago, I would totally have a crush on him.

But since he still has placenta behind his ears I will keep it moving.

For those of us who feel inappropriate having crushes on actors who are the same age as our little brothers (or in some cases, young enough to be your child had you been promiscuous during your adolescent years) behold the beautiful and more than legal aged Michael Ealy.

BGLU Approved: Anita Baker Covers Tyrese's "Lately"

I know people are really excited that Justin Timberlake is allegedly back in the studio and all but I just found new Anita Baker music and it is giving me LIFE!!!   Check out Anita Baker's cover of Tyrese's "Lately" from her upcoming album "Only Forever".  It sounds like she never left!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Several Weekend Roundups

Serena Williams C-walked her way into history and apparently into some controversy because people don't have better things to do. Translation: Let her be great! - HuffPo

So this Twilight scandal just keeps getting worse. Man...the premier in November is going to be AWKWARD!!! - People

I refuse to fuel the discussion on Gabby Douglas' follicles. Instead, I'd like to focus on the MONEY she and her hair about about to make. Haters gonna hate. - CNN Money

Apple's new operating system OS X Mountain Lion came out recently. I (Tia) am underwhelmed by it. But it sold like a gagillion downloads so I must be the only person not completely in love with it. - Mashable

A movie about Brits and zombies?!?!? Think Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels meets Shaun of the Dead. That is all that I believe in...I'M SO THERE!
WARNING: The language in this is very NSFW.

Congratulations to Tina Campbell from Mary Mary!! She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. - Essence

As a former black swimmer, I am SOOOOO proud of Cullen Jones. And the fact that he's a cutie pie doesn't hurt either. - Charlotte Observer

Real Talk: I want to believe in The Loch Ness Monster, BigFoot, Aliens, Crop Circles...basically anything that was part of Time Life's Mysteries of the Unknown book series save for the occult stuff. (They can keep all that.) So I'm leaning more toward the side that says this is a REAL photo of the Loch Ness Monster, thank you very much. - Daily Mail UK

This is why A.) America can't rise. B.) America won't let itself be great. C.) I'm really proud I don't have a southern accent so people can't tell I'm from the south. - BuzzFeed

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Music Friday:"Get On Up" with Jodeci

Is it just me or does this song make you wanna see who's barbecuing this weekend?  I feel like I should be two steppin' with a plate of potato salad, some ribs, baked beans and some deviled eggs. This was the jam! Whether you are getting your BBQ on this weekend or not, have a great weekend y'all.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Congratulations to our "Golden Girl" Gabby Douglas and the rest of the US' Women's Gymnastic team. Go USA!!!