Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Unrelenting Love for Dean Winchester - Tia

(Remember that time I forgot I was a blogger and didn't post anything for weeks..? Yeah...sorry about that.)

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time you know that when I'm not on the road I work from home. There are definite perks to not having to go to an office: working in your undies, showering...if you feel so inclined, watching back to back episodes of Supernatural every morning while you work on reports.

I must admit, I never really gave Supernatural too much thought. Most of the shows on the CW don't appeal to me, so I just chalked this one up to being like the rest and never watched. Frankly, I can't remember what made me actually take the time to really tune in. I'm going to guess that I happened upon it while Dean was making one of his hilarious and smart aleck comments, which immediately hooked me. But I can't be certain. Whatever the case, the minute I realized that I enjoyed the show I knew I had to watch ALL episodes from the beginning. You can't just jump in in the middle and try to figure out why Sam is locked in cage "for his own good." No ma'am. You must start from episode one, fire in the house, mom on the ceiling.

So that's what I did. Thanks to Netflix, I was able to dive in from the start. And thanks to Netflix, I am hopelessly in t.v. love with Dean Winchester.

I like MEN. Manly, sweaty, rough and tumble men. Keep your hipsters, your artists, your skinny jeans wearing guys. I want someone who I know I can't beat up or push around. There is something terribly sexy about a man's man. (Side note: Men who carry guns for work or just because they have a permit and can legally do so, give me the vapors.) Dean Winchester is the epitome of the type of guy I like. Granted, he fights the supernatural for a living and thus has no "legitimate" income to speak of, but so what? There's just something about that smart-ass, punch throwing, rock song singing, classic car driving man that captures my full attention in every episode.

Oh, and it didn't hurt that this was the love his life

I'm just sayin'.

I'm pretty head strong. I can hold my own in most situations. So I have to know that the man I'm with can do the same. I feel like Dean Winchester would go to Hell and back for me. (He did for Sam.) And that's the kind of man I want. I'm ride or die but I need to be with someone who makes the trip worth it.

So while I know the Dean Winchester is just a character (And Jensen Ackles, the actor who plays him, is married...figures) I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled and fingers crossed for a real life Dean Winchester to come my way. I mean, seriously, how can you NOT love Dean?

He's just such a BAMF!!

This is worth ALL 8 minutes.

And this will only be funny if you're a fan of the show. Apologies to the non-Supernatural fans.


anotherjoywrites said...

Okay, so I took a little break from my Friday afternoon, opened up my blog reader on my phone, hit the list for unread items... And died a thousand glorious deaths for about two seconds. Tia, warn me when you're about to post Dean Winchester pictures where I read!

Amen to everything in your post. I've loved Dean ever since I discovered Supernatural during that writers' strike a few years ago. My close friends make fun of my obsession with Jensen Ackles' face, but oh, Dean is the MAN.

Thanks for making my day. And week. And probably my entire month. (And if you ever discover a secret island where the Dean Winchesters of the world reside, please fill me in. I promise I won't take more than one. :-) )

Jamie Broadnax said...

Total hotness.

ebony said...

well dean is the best! and so fine and sexy! also spn is the best show ever! its the only show in the cw network thats great! and jensen ackles is so sexy and the best actor! anothejoy your friends are dumb and blind! jensen has a perfect face! cassie was dumb too i hated her! and tia you dont know what your talking about! tia spn is still the best show and your missing out! i hate your blogs tho but love dean and jensen more! ps sam winchester is soo sexy too! bye trolls!

Anonymous said...

I have followed this godly gift of a man since his short appearance on Smallville. Afterwards, I was in love! Then I saw he was coming on a new show after he was killed off and I watched like the fan I am, and LOVED it. Supernatural is awesome, I've watched religiously for 7, going on 8 years and have made every possible person I know a vicarious fan as well. I quote different things like his obsession with pie and his impalas and when ever I see him in random places, my heart stops. A man's man he is AND he's from Texas. Ugh, I could just keep going. Get ready for the season premier in 3 days! Cuz curled up in bed watching Supernatural on Wednesday nights is what you'll see me doing for the next nine months. =D <3

Anonymous said...

I love you. I love this post. And of course without a doubt, I love Dean Winchester!

And you're so right on with his first true love....

He is indeed the man; needs to be put in his place sometimes but...I couldn't agree with you more!From the corny looking show in the beginning when the adverts ran to that one night when nothing else was on. Hot guys? Monsters? I'm in. Season 4 sirens baby.

I have seen quite a few look-a-like Sams, but when? When shall I find myself a Dean (if he indeed looked like Jensen...)??? WHEN??? O the agony!

@anotherjoy:HIS FACE. How can there be no obsession over that face?

I'm definitely going to be checking out the rest of this blog, just had to share my happiness of finding this little corner of Dean-love.

lkeke35 said...

I just stumbled across this blog by accident and I'm glad I did. I got one word for all of you" Ditto!Ditto! and Ditto !again.

May I also add that Jensen Ackles has one of the sexiest voices evah.

Shazza said...

I must reiterate EVERYTHING you wrote! And the pics you used just shows how lovely this man is.

jfilez said...

I love Supernatural! Those Winchester boys give me fire down below ;D

Susan Fernando said...
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Susan Fernando said...

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