Tuesday, July 3, 2012

As If We Needed More Reasons to Love Aisha Tyler: Check Out Her Video "No Ass At All"

Aisha Tyler is a straight up BGLU icon. How on earth did I miss THIS?! Back in 2003 I wrote a post called "Back WHAT Thang Up?" where I shared my woes of being a sista with a flat booty. Yes, we do exist.  I, for some reason, was not blessed in this area and over time it's become one of those things that I've just had to accept. Now I did just tell Tia Sunday night that if I weren't so scared about booty shots being lethal I would consider them but who wants to go to that funeral?  I don't even think my parents would go to my funeral if I died that way and if Tia went it would only be to talk bad about me.  I can just hear her now:

Pastor: "And now some words from Toya's best friend Tia."

Tia walks up to the podium and rolls her eyes at the casket covered in gerber daisies: "How this dumb heffa gonna die over some booty shots? Are you kidding me?  Booty shots?!?! Great legs, great hair and she fooled around and died tryna  get some booty shots?! What the...?!"

Yeah I'm not putting anyone through that.  So if being a sista with no booty is also your cross to bear, FINALLY there is a song you can back that non-existent thang up to. Don't hurt yourself girl.


Christina said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I love Aisha Tyler. I am not a member of the no ass club and often wish I was that I had a little less junk in the trunk. Sucks buying a size larger in pants and shorts just to get it over my butt. Aisha's video is awesome.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious!

melkel said...

Aisha is so beautiful and funny. this video was hysterical. I might need that shirt she was wearing.