Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Roundup


Close to 7 million people watched the new Dallas reboot. Now were we watching because it was that good or because we were mesmerized by J.R.'s magnificent eyebrows. - The Hollywood Reporter
The eyebrows have their own Facebook page!!

ADAM!!! is going to be in a movie. Excuse me while I look up showtimes on Fandango..(and secretly pray there will be a need for him to take his shirt off at some point during the movie.) - Idolator

Hermoine vs Bella. You don't even have to read this to know who comes out on top. - BuzzFeed

Rappers and their kids. Can't be mad at that. - Complex

Ne-Yo was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. It's about time. - Black America Web

I don't really care too much about Pinterest. But a FLOTUS Pinterest might make me pay attention. - Style Blazer

This is all well and good. But WHO is going to play Finnick Odair? - Entertainment Weekly

People wonder why I don't have my name, birthday, high school, parent's name, etc on Facebook (My DAD couldn't even find me.) Things like this are why I keep my FB locked down the way I do. - Time

Apparently Oprah asked Kim and the Gang what they're actually famous for. I may just watch the interview to see what they say. Hilarity is sure to ensue. - ABC News

He cheated on his wife AT his wedding reception...and her father didn't kill him?!?! - HuffPo

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Lei said...

I will have to start with the Adam comment. Of course I followed the link and then at your urging (Ha)I had to go thru the shirtless gallery. Where have I been? I don't remember all of those tattoos. I liked the arm sleeve, but it looks to have gotten out of hand. Still love him though. Okay back to rest of article.