Sunday, June 24, 2012

Confessions of a pop music lover - Tia

I have no idea what is going on here. How did this even happen? I was minding my own business and then...

See here's the thing: On several occasions I have made it known that I'm not the biggest Katy Perry fan. It's not that I DISLIKE her, it's just most of the time I like her songs better when other people sing them. Glee's version of "Teenage Dream" takes me through changes every time I hear it. And Bruno Mars' rendition of "California Gurls" is LOVE in my book. Again, I didn't dislike her, she just brought out the "Meh" in me. That is until I saw her perform "Wide Awake" live.

I was watching the Billboard awards and prior to her performance they ran down the list of Katy's #1 hits. It was like something clicked. I realized that I really did like KP songs. Maybe it was just that the brainwashing that the record labels use finally kicked in...whatever it was, I suddenly felt the need to give Katy Perry's catalog another shot.

And since "Wide Awake" was the most recent song, I started with that. Now, I'd like to say that the Billboard performance of "Wide Awake" was not the greatest. P!nk slays at the simultaneous aerial and vocal acrobatics. But everyone can't do that. No shade to KP, but I think the vocals suffered a bit and it may have had to do with the level of concentration she had to give to not falling 30 feet to the ground. Whatever the case, the MuchMusic performance was considerably better. But even with the less than spectacular vocals, I could immediately tell that I would like "Wide Awake." It had a liberating feel about it and something about the bridge assured me that this song was going to resonate in the pop section of my heart.

What I DID NOT expect is how much I would fall in head over heels, sick with it LOVE with this song. I'm talking "made it into my top 25 playlist IN ONE DAY" LOVE!!!! O-M-bloody-G!!! I bought the song the morning of a fairly long commute day for me. The site I was headed to was a good hour's drive from my hotel. I pushed play as I hit the road and listened to the song, on repeat, for an hour. Hooked isn't even a strong enough word. I. WENT. IN!!! I'm certain that anyone who drove past me got a good chuckle because I car karaoked the mess out of "Wide Awake." I mean Mariah Hand, singing the high parts, low parts AND the harmonies KARAOKE!! I couldn't care less who saw me. Katy Perry's breakup liberation song had won my heart.  These are my confessions and I'm not ashamed.

If I can ever pull myself away from "Wide Awake" (seriously, I'm listening to it on repeat as I type this) I'm going to hit up Katy on Spotify. It's clear I may have a been a little too hasty in my judgment of KP songs. And who knows, there may be another "Wide Awake" type song in her repertoire that will take me all the way. this point I'm open to anything.


E. said...

By the title, I thought this one was gonna be about Bieber. I'm not quite a Belieber but I might be coming down with a slight case of Bieber fever. His new album is pdg.

So Katy. I was stuck on her first album for a while after it debuted, but I gave her up even though I still go hard for Teenage Dream. I'll have to check into her catalog again. Off to Spotify...

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