Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Buzzfeed always makes me so happy. - Buzzfeed

CSI:Miami has been cancelled. Adam, I'm here for you if you need comforting. - NY Times

She's 3 years old. She's a genius. And she needs to go poop. - MSNBC

This might be the new iPhone. I might have to change carriers to get one. - Mashable

Ahhh..David Beckham...People think you're just a pretty face. But I know better. - Yahoo! Sports

Parks and Rec has been renewed. Thank Goodness!!! Because I don't know what I would do without Ron Swanson in my life. - Just Jared

Sexy George raised MILLIONS for President Obama. I'm saying....can George do a carwash or a bake sale or something and help me pay off my student loans? - CNN

Tamron Hall's middle name must be "Not The One" - HuffPo

After the whole uproar over GCB, it's been cancelled. But Scandal is still well it should be. Keri Washington is slaying each and every soul on the show. I LURVE HER. - BuzzSugar

Have you seen The Avengers yet? (My boyfriend Jeremy Renner is in it.) If you haven't you're one of only about 10 people who hasn't because it's made a katrillion dollars. - MSNBC

The "Have Several Seats" Award for the week goes to Popchips and Ashton Kutcher. Just like blackface is not okay, brownface is NOT OKAY either. *Warning - There is some language in the video. But, can't even lie, 2:15 made me scream with laughter.* - E! Online


Deevine said...

YES! I saw The Avengers on the 4th. It was worth the year long wait, numerous trailers and teasers. It was a fun ride that I would like to experience again. Love Jeremy, Robert, and Mark! The perfect eye candy movie. lol! Did you stay until the very end for the two surprises? $1B in less than three weeks is jaw dropping. If you want to get even more distracted, do a tumblr search of Jeremy. You can get lost in his loveliness for days.

I've been watching Scandal, but not too closely, so I need to watch all the episodes again. The chemistry between Olivia and the President is undeniably hot!

I don't think I could have survived being in the same room with President Obama and Gorgeous George. Wish there was a student loan fundraiser. Or at least a sugar daddy without the strings.

Tia BGLU said...

Yes I did stay until the end. Having brothers, I learned early that you ALWAYS stay until the end of Marvel movies.

If you like Grey's you'll like Scandal. Although I will warn you, last week's episode was so steamy they had to put a disclaimer on it before it started. I'm no prude but I had to look away a couple of times.

LOLOLOLOL@Sugar daddy without strings.

Lei said...

I saw The Avengers last weekend and have decided it is my favorite comic book movie of all time. It has actually bumped Superman(1977 version) down to no.2 I had so much fun with that movie. All of the chemistry or non-existance of it between the characters made the movie. Even Loki had some evil dude swag going on.

About the Scandal steamy scene, rated it as one of the sexiest scenes on tv. I have to say that I don't feel a show has to show so much steam per se for us to get the point. Whatever happen to "fade to black". Just sayin'