Monday, May 21, 2012

A Story About Us: Support Black Girl in Suburbia

One of the things that we hear the most in regards to our blog is that it is a reflection of the experiences and tastes of, well, black girls like us. I don't doubt that this is also why Awkward Black Girl has done so well. There aren't a lot of things that speak to our experience out there. This is why when I came across Black Girl in Suburbia, I was moved to tears. This here is real life. At least it was for me growing up.

During my high school years, my mother started going to a church in West Philly. And by West Philly I mean  Will Smith, West Philadelphia born and raised, West Philly. This was the biggest culture shock to me as I was raised in Somerdale, NJ. Somerdale is exactly what it sounds like. The most suburban place you could possibly grow up. I remember Tia came up for my mom's 60th birthday party and got to drive around my white picket fenced hometown. "Woooow" she said. "This explains SO much." Anyway, the culture shock of going to a church in the inner city was an experience I wouldn't trade for the world but I definitely would trade those tears I shed due to being so different and teased for the proper way I spoke and the way I dressed. There are only a handful of people in this world that understand the stress of being a black teenager who acts too black for some people (namely white classmates) and too white according to some members of their own race. It can be heartbreaking and that is why I can identify all too well with the tears at 1:57 of that video.

I am happy to say that I am now in a place where I love, understand and appreciate all those things about me that make me "different".  It's been so evident time and time again how being a little outside the box as far as people's expectations of what's "black", has been a part of God's grand design. However, there are plenty of girls and women out there that haven't gotten to that place of self acceptance. I really hope this film gives them the affirmation they need to love and accept themselves. 

 I don't know the director of this film,Melissa Lowery, but I am so proud of her having the guts to put this subject matter to film. I urge everyone who reads this blog who has shared this experience to please support her to get this film completed. See the video below to find out how you can become a backer of the documentary on Kickstarter.


Greg Boone said...

The Kickstarter link is for the wrong page. The one you are linking is a closed project and can no longer accept donations.

ToyaBGLU said...

Thanks so much Greg. It's fixed now.

GG said...

I've been a silent follower for a long time and I wanted to tell you both how much I love your blog. I always love the music that you share. I was looking for some new music for my ipod last night and one of the first places I came to was your blog to see what you've been listening to. And it occurred to me that I should share that with you because when you share things about yourself, it's always nice to know that people get it. So, I'm another one who gets it. LOL. Thanks ladies! :)

ToyaBGLU said...

Thanks GG!!!