Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Throwback - Tia

Mondays are always a challenge for me. Somewhere between Friday night and Monday morning, my brain forgets that I am not independently wealthy. It seems to think that I have a money tree out back or that I am some sort of trufundy. (Trust fund baby...shout out to anyone who caught that Felicity reference.) My mind forgets about my 9-5 and tricks me into thinking that all of the money in my account arrived there by some sort of magic and that I can sleep until noon EVERYDAY like I usually do on the weekends.

So when Monday rolls around and I remember that I have to get up and work it's always a shock for me. The first thing I think when I wake up is, "Wait...what..really...I have to work???" And heaven help me if it's a rainy Monday. It takes me a good 2 hours and a strong cup of coffee to even pretend to get moving.

This rainy Monday is no exception. I have been up for almost 3 hours and it's still not quite registering. But I know two things will help: 1. The warm delicious french press coffee I'm about to consume (Side note: If you drink coffee french press is THE WAY!!) 2. Music.

I decided to start today as a throwback. All 80s all morning. I was torn between two songs but "Oh Sheila" ultimately won out. So I bid you all a happy Monday. And may the music and the jheri curls bless your morning as they have blessed mine.

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