Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I KNOW Glee did not just make me weep - Tia

As you may or may not know, I'm a Gleek. Two Halloweens ago I dressed as a Cheerio. (And since it's been two I have no probably recycling costumes so I may once again be a Cheerio this Halloween.) While some of the storylines give me pause (either because I'm a bit too far removed from the American teenage experience or because it really is just cringe worthy) I've stuck by the show.

I have to admit, though, the last few episodes have been kind of dull. I was extremely let down by the Prom episode. (Really?!?! A dinosaur theme.) But I did love that they FINALLY gave my girl Tina some shine in the last episode. Last night's episode, however, made me remember why I started watching Glee in the first place.

For the most part it started off slow. And then it felt like they gave the episode 3 Red Bulls and a shot of speed. (Is speed still a drug? And do you shoot it? Can you tell I don't know a lot about drugs?) I suppose they did what they could with the time that they had, so I will refrain from throwing too much shade. But if I see Ryan Murphy in the streets I'm going to push him directly down on the sidewalk for what he did to Rachel and Finn.


How in the world are you going to break up Rachel and Finn? After we've been through each and every change with them, THEY DON'T END UP TOGETHER????? SERIOUSLY?!?! Now, I usually shade Finn like a giant oak tree. He's not the best dancer. (I swear I can HEAR him trying to keep time when he dances.) And he is by NO means the best male vocalist. Basically, for three years I've been giving him the, "Meh" face. But last night he did the most courageous thing I could imagine and let Rachel go so that she can be great. I'm sorry, but that's love...for fictional characters. Knowing that the person you love may not live to their full potential because they want to be with you is painful. But not being selfish and letting them go is nothing short of amazing. 

I will not even front, I cried like a little girl as they were breaking up and she was leaving. And then Rachel turned around and SLAYED "Roots Before Branches" and I was DONE!!! I cried all over my laptop (I was pretending to work.) I sniffled all in my shirt. That girl wailed!! And as she walked down 42nd street, I couldn't help but be overly happy for someone who doesn't even exist. 

I have been listening to "Roots" all day. I have been feeling some kind of "what's really going on in my life/I need a change" way lately. I have a big birthday coming up and I am not doing well. I'm about 3 seconds from buying a one way ticket to London and seeing what becomes of the experience. So you know, this song has been taking me through it ALL today. It's been on repeat since 8:30 AM.'s like that. 

If you missed it...SHAME ON YOU!!...the video is below. I also posted the original. I don't know who Room for Two are but they wrote one heck of a song. 

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