Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Just Have So Many Questions: Jordan Knight's Old Navy Ad

First of all, let me just say that one of the reasons I love this blog is that even in 2012 we will still chop it up about all things New Kids related.  I love y'all for that.  I don't really know why we all still care so, so very much but I guess the saying is true: once a Blockhead, always a Blockhead.

I was on always...when I noticed that our girl Andrea *waves at Andrea* posted that she had just seen Jordan Knight in an Old Navy commercial.

*Insert Scooby Doo inquisitive response here*

I then hightailed it to YouTube where lo and behold I discovered this:

Yup! That's happening. And I think it's great. I love it.  I just have some questions:

1. Am I the only one that got hyped hoping that once Jordan came out that they were going to go into "Give It to You", choreography and all? I mean the carnival set up was right there!  It was right there!

2. What is going on with the Knight brothers and their flawless skin in 2012? No he did not just roll out on that piano looking like he is fresh off the Magic Summer Tour!

I'm calling it right now: People are going to rediscover Jordan Knight and him being this fine and before you know it he's going to be doing commercials for cocoa butter, Noxzema, Ambi... Yes. I just said Ambi. Which brings me to my next point...

3. If I've heard it once, I've heard it a million times: black don't crack. With that being said, can I please resubmit my claim that Jordan Knight is half DeBarge?

4. I pray the Lord's resurrecting power every time I get to "Taurus".  HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!  I was *DEAD*! I haven't heard anyone mention their zodiac sign like that since, well...

"By you babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

Was I the only one that quickly thought of this? Apparently I wasn't because as mentioned (this just keeps getting more and more random) "all New Kids fans know this one from the boy band's first ever album, the self-titled, New Kids on the Block. Fans also know his favorite color was blue, he's left-handed and he loved ketchup."   I am not mad at Rebecca Villaneda for that throwback reference. Like I said, once a Blockhead, always a Blockhead (especially if it also reminded you of when they did commercials for Boston's Bay Bank in the 80's.)

What did you all think about the commercial?  I know some of you were NOT ready.


Nikki said...

Swoon......Jordan, I seriously WILL be "Loving You Forever"!!

iggystar said...

Look, I'm just going to put it out there. Y'all are my new BFFs. You might not need another and you don't know me and all, but in my mind it's locked. Don't be scared or anything, I'm sane, employed, a mother, a knitter, but you two have your fingers on the pulse of what's essentially me, so I'm just going to make myself comfortable in your little corner of the internets.

Your answer to question number one. YES, ma'am! And you win for the "Give It to You" reference. Now I must go listen to it multiple times.

Also, Ambi? I can't. Cracking up in a cubicle like this draws stares. Seriously, he's still fine as wine.

Finally, please tell Tia that I will bless her being booed up with Jeremy Renner, but to please read my comment on why I should be proclaimed his First Boo. It's OK because currently I'm keeping fantasy time with a tall, wickedly handsome with the smile to match, Tom Hiddleston...while waiting for my own real life Englishman. And if you haven't seen The Avengers yet, for shame!

You girls rock!

ToyaBGLU said...

HAAAAAAA!!! Iggystar, we are so glad that you discovered our blog. I forwarded your comment to Tia to let her know that she has been one upped. Thanks so much for your feedback. Feel free!- Toya

Christina said...

I love Jordan's Old Navy commercial. As Donnie said, it is hilariously perfect. I watched it on youtube and then it came on my television and I squeeed like a 14 y/o girl.

I agree that they should have busted out some "Give It To You" choreography. It already had the perfect backdrop. I tweeted Jordan that he needs to bring that piano bike on the cruise.

I completely agree that once a Blockhead, always a Blockhead. I love those 5 bad brothers from Beantown.

Danielle said...


You are the funniest person...maybe on the planet. Well, you and Paul Rudd.

Tia BGLU said...

Iggystar - First I salute your longtime love of Mr. Renner. Truly I tip my hat to you and the fact that you had vision.

Second, Tom Hiddleston IS THE WAY!!! I have seen The Avengers THREE times. And while I know Loki is not the one I should be cheering for, I kind of do a little. But then Hawkeye pops up and I only have eyes for him. So you's a give and take.

Shaamora said...

I LOVE this commercial! And I completely, 100% agree that Jordan Knight looks GOOOODDDD!

On a side note, I'm not sure which ad agency Old Navy is using for their commercials lately but they made a great choice. So creative and fun. I love it!

Lei said...

About Tom Hiddleston, check out Return to Cranford and you can see him in all of his curly blonde hair yumminess. Funny thing I had just watched it again the day before I saw The Avengers and had no idea they were the same person. Loki had so much swagger in that movie, but still couldn't fully distract me from Jeremy's biceps. :)

Now on to Jordan Knight. Donnie has been my bias for 25 yrs and that will not change, but Jordan is definitely bringing the tan goodness. My sister told me about the commercial. I am not mad at him as long as he doesn't go back to his "Jordan sings NKOTB" days.

deevine said...

Jordan was one of my high school crushes back in the day. He still...yeah...sighs!

Oh and have you seen the pic of Jeremy with President Obama? You must check it out.