Monday, April 16, 2012

Yeaahhh...this will get your Monday going - Tia

I woke up early to go for a brief run and it was raining. *SIGH* So I curled back up in my warm sheets and decided to do some reading before attacking the day. But I found that once I was finished reading and praying and such, I still didn't want to get out of bed. One of the few luxuries of my job is that you can (within reason) start your day whenever. As I am normally not an early riser my work day usually starts at 9. So, since I had some time, I decide to log onto the Book of Faces and see what was up.

Sweet Goodness and Mercy!!! Daniel de Bourg is trying to KILL me first thing on a Monday morning. Someone posted his latest video on my FB timeline and all I can say is MY LAWD!! I guess in his defense, the video has been out for a bit so it's technically not his fault that I'm just now watching it this fine, rainy Monday. But it is his fault for looking like that and singing like that. Well actually it's Usher's fault...THEN it's Daniel's fault.

Not gonna front, y'all. I LOVE this song. Both versions. But honestly, I'm glad to see Usher moving away from that club remix/glow stick required/europop inspired R&B. I don't want to feel like I'm at a rave every time I listen to R&B. I like my genres separate, thank you very much. I'm also glad to see DDB in a black tank. That always brightens my mornings.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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Nita K. said...

I. Love. Him. And by him I mean DDB (Usher still needs to win my love back). So happy he is in LA recording. That man right there...