Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Brandy dropped the hottest last week. I don't understand why people sleep on Brandy. The girl can SANG! Not sing, SANG!! Her harmonies are SICK!! - Soundcloud

Think Like a Man is on par to be number 1 at the box office two weeks in a row. If you haven't seen it, I have to ask, "What are you waiting for??? Michael Ealy is in it!!!" - Gossip Cop

Speaking of Michael Ealy, he has a new show coming out. He could literally read the phone book from  a different city and I would record each and every episode. - USA Network

These babies will ruin your nights from now on. - BuzzFeed

Downton Abbey Spoiler Alert!! - Who in the world is she marrying? - Dailymail UK

Gotye said he thought Glee's version of his song was awful. Then he changed his tune. I wonder if that was after the song went number 1 and the checks started rolling in? - CNN and NME

Speaking of Glee, I think it is just grossly unfair that I have NO SHOT with Matt Bomer (he's in a committed relationship...with a man. Those are two very important strikes against us.) I mean, so he's just going to be fine and talented? So you act AND sing?!?!? Do you dance too, because that would complete the trifecta.

It's been 20 years since the LA Riots in response to the Rodney King verdict. The audio from calls made through out the riots is heart-breaking and chilling and should remind us to love one another and continue to be diligent. - HuffPo

Oh how times have changed. When I was growing up getting pregnant as a teenager was neither cute nor admirable. - Clutch

I feel like this should be disseminated to every high school senior in the US. - Newser

I wonder if John Cusack even owns an iPod. I know I couldn't even look at them if I'd turned down Steve Jobs. - GeekSugar


Jacquie said...

Those lips, those lips, those LIPS of Mr. Ealy!

Kesia Monteith said...

There are two men who I want to see on my TV screen on a daily basis:

Kevin Aleandro and Michael Ealy.

The End and Good Night.