Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stay Focused - Tia

I know I've already lost some of you with the picture.  But as the title says, "Stay Focused."

It was a rather innocuous status update. One of the mundane off the top your head things that makes people either love or hate Facebook because they think it's funny or because they think it's stupid.

I'd been watching the movie Predators. I was drooling of over Adrien as I always do. (HEYYY BRODY!!) And the following random thoughts occurred to me and I decided to share them with FB:
"Questions I have while watching Predators: 1. Why is Adrien Brody not my boyfriend? 2. How is the d-bag inmate still alive? 3. Are we still killing off the black people first in scary movies? That is so antiquated." I receive the random smattering of responses and a few from my guy friends who, for a split second, thought I was talking about the local hockey team. (GO PREDS!!) But one response, meant to be funny, really got me to thinking.

My friend's wife (making her my friend-in-law?) wrote this: "Because Adrien Brody is NOT hot, and your boyfriend is supposed to be a tall blue-eyed Englishman who cooks Cuban food. Stay focused! LOL!" (We had to agree to disagree about Brody.) Now my friend-in-law(who I know through Blaine) would like nothing more than to see me and Blaine married. Not to each other. We've already discussed this. But rather married to other people. She's married to a wonderful man and they have 4 gorgeous children and she knows that a husband and family is something that I want in my life. She also knows my ideal. A tall, gorgeous English man who loves Jesus and cooks. LORD IF YOU WOULD SO BLESS ME!

The thing that got me thinking was the part about staying focused. It is so easy to get distracted from your goal with everything that presents itself in your everyday life. And I'm not just talking about choosing a potential "naked together forever" buddy. I'm talking about all of the goals that we set for our lives. At times it feels that we're set up to be distracted and subsequently fail. You're trying to lose weight and someone brings in two dozen cupcakes from your favorite bakery. You swear you're not going to spend any more money and a friend drags you to a sample sale for a designer who NEVER has sample sales. You've decided to wait on the Lord and not date any more non-Christian guys and then every hot, single Atheist in the tri-state area suddenly finds you attractive.'s easy to lose focus if you're not careful.

We are groomed by society for instant gratification. EVERYTHING seems to be on-Demand. Not just television and movies, but just about anything you want in life can be in you hands within a matter of moments. But let's be honest, faster is not always better. (Gutter minds needn't comment.) There's something to be said about the gratification of fulfillment after waiting. (Again...Gutter minds head to the left.) There's a reason that patience is a virtue.
Vir-tue - A good or admirable quality or property

I think the reason people say patience is a virtue is because having it is HARD. It is FAR easier to stray from the course, take the easy route, pick the lesser choice in order to have what you want and to have it right now. As someone who battles their inner petulant, demanding child often, I know how difficult it is to just keep swimming.

I would like a "naked together forever" buddy. And I could easily choose a subpar one just to have one. My job makes a stress knot in my shoulder form at least once a week and I could easily quit it and hope for something better to come along. Food is delicious and often makes me happy. I could eat what I want, when I want all the live long day.

But forever is a long time with someone who you settled for. And bills do not pay themselves. And having to be cut out of one's house with the jaws of life is not a good look. All of that to say, while it may be far easy to get distracted, quit and settle, it is hands down more rewarding to stay focused, press on, to wait, work and believe for the things that matter and that will count in the long run. So if my options are being single a while longer rather than being with some old okie dokie dude, continuing to work at a job that I don't love (while actively looking for one that doesn't physically stress and pain me) and avoiding sugar and refined carbs in order to be and stay healthy, then so be it. I'd rather stay focused and delay gratification. That way when I do get what I want and need it will be GOOOOD!!!!

Romans 5:4 - perseverance (produces) character; and character, hope.

Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus. - Alexander Graham Bell


Jamie said...

I totally heart Adrien Brody. I met him once in NYC in person. Just as much of a hottie in real life.

iggystar said...

Don't get creeped out or anything, but I think you might be my long lost twin sister or something. Jeremy Renner, Adrein Brody, Idris love, pop music love, natural hair, Hunger Games love and looking for a tall, English husband with faith? I actually would have though you to be a clone, but my future husband is more likely to be Scottish (think Gerard Butler) or Australian (think Sam Worthington).