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Quitter Chapter 8: Quit Your Day Job - Tia

Sometimes Jon Acuff gets on my nerves. Okay not really, that's just what I say when someone points out something in my life that I need to work on. But his oh so scientific quiz at the beginning of Chapter 8 did kind of hurt my feelings. Now granted Jon does admit after 52 questions that the quiz may not be all that scientific (now he tells me) but it definitely gave me some insight on further pursuing my dream. And frankly it was the good swift kick in the pants I needed.

I am neither a Job Lover nor a Serial Quitter (thank you very much flawed quiz results.) I try every day to fall in like with my job but the only things I like about it are the paycheck and the frequent flyer miles/hotel points. But I've been here for two years, was at my last job for 2 years until they let us all go and went under and was at my previous job for 4 years. I don't just quit jobs. It's not what I do.

I prefer to think of myself as falling into the second category: Stirred Up. Something inside of me won't let my dream go. And even though the dream is not fully defined just yet, I have outline if you will. More and more I'm beginning to realize that more things must fall into place so that I can pursue things that will better shape and define the ultimate dream job.

That said, I know that there is planning that needs to go on from my end. For instance, aside from being more consistent in blogging (I know...I know) I need to be somewhere I feel I can thrive. File this under: Have somewhere to land. (Pg 210.)

I don't love Nashville. And if I really think about it I can't remember a time I ever did. It's not the worst place in the world by any stretch. But the love and affinity that a lot of my friends feel for the 615 escapes me. I feel no kinship to this town. My creative juices don't necessarily flow here. Basically, I don't feel like it's my landing spot. I get something akin to those feelings in the Peach State. That's one of the reasons I'm looking for jobs there. But not just any no....I'm looking for something that will help me move closer to being a Quitter. While it probably will not be my dream job initially, I need for it to help, not hinder me from pursuing what I love.

Sometimes the situation doesn't present itself as an opportunity that will line up perfectly with your dreams. Sometimes it will just be a much higher percentage of dream time than you currently have now.  - Pg 211

My only concern with leaving Nashville is that a lot of my friends are here. File that under: Have a support network. (Pg 216)

Although I have family in Atlanta and a few random leftover acquaintances (One of whom recently asked me if I wanted to have mixed brown Jewish babies with him...random) I would essentially be starting from scratch in the friend category. But that idea doesn't seem too scary because of the support I have in Nashville. Starting over someplace new isn't so bad if you have a cheer squad behind you. I know that I have great people here who will love, support and pray for me even if it's from a distance. And honestly, that makes me okay with leaving.

However, change, like it or not, often requires money. File that under: We were stupid rich. (They weren't. He kids.) (Pg 218)

Like I mentioned before, my favorite thing about my job is my paycheck. I live comfortably and am making huge strides in paying off my credit cards. (Paying off one more Monday.) I don't ever want my financial situation to hold me back. So though my job is not even close to ideal, I won't just lackadaisically leave it. (Aside: I totally spelled 'lackadaisically" correct without spell check. WINNING!!)

...we had the patience to pay off our bills. We wanted money to fund our dreams, not limit them, and we worked hard to financially remove things that stood in the way. - Pg 219

So although I'm looking for another job, I'm choosing to stay in the same industry for now because it helps me become more financially secure, which will be one less stumbling block to pursing my dreams.

But the thing that makes me feel the most "okay" about leaving the gloriousness that is Nashville behind is I don't feel like I shouldn't. File that under: God seemed cool with it. (Pg 219)

I don't ever want to feel like I'm forcing God's hand. (Can you even do that?) But I do always want to be in his will. And I think God wants us to be all that we are designed to be. It's okay to be happy. And I honestly believe that there is a happiness that comes with being some place that you not only love but that you thrive. I want to be in a location where I can be great. Be connected. Be inspired. And I think God is cool with that.

Before you quit your day job and pursue your dream job in a full-time capacity, make a list of all the risks that might come up. - Pg 225

I will plan, I will be smart. I will save and be diligent. I understand there will be challenges. 
But even with all that leaving, moving and pursuing entails, for the first time in a long time, I'm not afraid. (Yes, that Eminem song is playing in my head right now.) I'm excited about what's to come. The lows and highs. The slow periods, the long nights with seemingly too much to do. The increased page views. (hint, hint) The pending mortgage payments (It's past time to buy.) I'm looking forward to it all. It's time to grow up, man up and start really and truly Quitting.

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Alicia said...

Thank you so much for this. I definitely needed it. I'm contemplating going through the hassle of applying to graduate school in my current field, even though it is not my dream field. I've ben saying for seven years that as soon as I figure out what I want to do, I'll go back to school for it. But that simply hasn't happened, and I am so tired of being stale and stagnant. I want to grow, and it's entirely possible that this graduate school can help me move toward what I really want, even if it didn't seem like it (and even if I don't know what I really want yet). So thanks for reminding me that sometimes progress is, well, progress.