Monday, April 2, 2012

Quitter Chapter 6- There Will Be Hustle

 This book Quitter is no joke. In the bible, specifically in the book of Psalm, David wrote several chapters that ended with a simple "selah" meaning to pause and reflect. Well Chapter 6 of Quitter has sent me into the longest selah my life. I absolutely did not want to continue reading the rest of the book until I got going on what Jon Acuff challenges Quitters to do in Chapter 6. In this chapter he talks about the reality of being committed to the hustle: the hard work and sacrifice needed to accomplish your dreams.  Well that's a book unto itself!  I figured that if I wasn't willing to commit to the hustle, there was no need for me to go on and read the rest of the book. I wound up reading that chapter several times over.  It's that serious.

Basically what it boils down to is if you want {fill in the blank} then you are going to have to {fill in the blank}. Being as though I am a person who enjoys my right to comfortable sacrifice, I was greatly challenged. You see what I wish to embark upon in regards to television is not easy for me. I'm used to trying things and being almost instantly successful at them and then checking them off of my list. The first concert I ever produced was a sell out. The first article I ever submitted to an online magazine got published. My first and last spoken word piece I ever performed got a roaring standing ovation. But television? I get extremely nervous before I get on camera. I mean straight hyperventilation.  Also, I could really suck for a period of time at first...ON FILM. And as Tia and I often say as we shake our heads at someone whose spot gets blown up over an incriminating display of actions that was taped and plastered on Youtube, film is forever.

 Jon Acuff makes this confession in Chapter 6: "Sometimes I am terrified of the work involved". I almost threw the book across the room when I read that because that is so ME. One time I told my mom that I had a problem with procrastination and she said "No Toy. Procrastinators will eventually get around to doing things. You just won't do it at all!" She was right. I get very easily overwhelmed when I think of the work involved. Overwhelmed to the point that I will convince myself that all the stress will go away if I can just take a good four hour nap. Trust that I understand that is not a good solution. Well not all the time anyway. Even a good 20 minute power nap can change your entire day but I digress. I think to acknowledge the hustle and the work involved is to come face to face with the choice of making a huge life investment. That is downright scary. It's a journey and when you are 37 years old, you need to make sure that it is a journey that is worth embarking upon. I am not saying that I am too old to pursue my dreams. I am just saying that I have no time to delay in doing so.

 "The more you practice your dream, the better you get at your dream."- pg 152

 I hate practicing in front of the camera. I am so hard on myself. I recently attempted to practice a piece and did at least 30 takes before I just gave up and went to bed discouraged. I just couldn't figure out how to be myself on camera (says the person who constantly gets told they should have their own TV show) while being professional. Soon after that mild disaster, something funny happened. I got asked to be a part of an online project with an ensemble of people and it was pretty funny. And you know what? I didn't do so bad at all. I believe that happened for a reason. I was fed the lines and I articulated them in my own way with my own personal flavor. The light bulb went off when I saw the finished product and I was immediately encouraged to keep on trying.

So what's my hustle look like now? Presently I am working with a team that is helping me put my dream into action. They are such a God send. They free me up to be creative and not worry about things that would send me into a four hour nap every single day. They challenge and encourage me. If you are wanting to do something and you continuously have people in your life who say that they would like to help you, by all means take them up on it if they are trustworthy. If you have the resources in front of you, don't ignore then and not take advantage of them out of fear. Another thing I do is watch people online that I admire like Rachael Ray who are really good at being themselves on camera. We're both pretty spunky so I like getting tips from her.

 I still have a lot to do and there are still plenty of sacrifices that I have to make but I am finally moving forward.  I am willing to make the investment of committing myself to the hustle. I really feel like I am on the right track now.  Although I don't know how things are going to turn out,  I am still so excited! 

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