Wednesday, April 4, 2012

(Last) Weekend Roundup

Hunger Games made like a bazillion dollars. I went and saw it three times. Sure did. Lenny Kravitz was not the sole reason I kept going to see it. But he was one of the main reasons. And if I could adopt Amandla Stenberg I TOTALLY would. cute is she? - EW

Sallie Mae takes money from me every month. I graduated with a sub-par education and regrets, yet several years later (don't ask how many) I'm still paying for it. Le Sigh. So to hear about a possible pending student loan crisis saddens me (I know how they feel) but it doesn't surprise me. - Yahoo! Finance

I'm not sad. And I'm not sorry I'm not sad....ADAM!!!!  - HuffPo

David Beckham wouldn't be caught dead eating at Burger King. Posh wouldn't have it. -

Hold up! Hold up! HOLD UP!!!! - Matt Bomer's character on Glee is named Cooper Anderson...REALLY?!?! Am I the only person who finds this hilarious and thinly veiled? - Hollywood Reporter

FINALLY...I get to see what all of the fuss is about with Instagram. Though, I'm still not having anything to do with Pinterest. - CNN

I love Trader Joe's and Whole Check...I mean Foods. But neither are particularly close to me. But there are 2 Krogers and 2 Wal-Mart grocery stores within a 5 mile radius...So I get it. - MSNBC

Ask me why I went running in the morning and let my trainer torture me in the afternoon...

I don't feel no kind of way about Bieber's new song "Boyfriend." But since I'm not the target demographic, my disinterest is probably moot. - That Grape Juice

I need Kanye to have several seats. I mean, I liked Big Sean's song "My Last." But the greatest rapper of all time?!?! C'mon son. Tupac is somewhere laughing right now. - MTV

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