Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun Music Fridays- The Jets "Crush on You"

Sometimes life gets a little too much to bear. In recent days I have had to limit the amount of time I spend on The Internets and The Twitter because of recent disturbing current events and an increase of negativity. And when I feel like I need to go to my happy place quick fast and in a hurry, I turn to who I know brings me instant joy, hot dance moves, and 80's clothing in Day-Glo colors. I turn to The Jets.

I love The Jets! Why don't people recognize that they had so many hits? "Crush on You", "You Got It All", "Private Number", "I Do You", "Curiosity"? Come on! I am so sad that kids today don't have music like this to listen to anymore. This is when music was fun! I need TV One to give them an Unsung episode. The half has not been told about The Jets for sure. Happy Fun Music Friday y'all!


Niki said...

Love it! Yes the kids (especially the brown variety) don't have these fun songs anymore. It's all about shouting how 'hard' or independent you are, name-checking high priced designer labels, booty, or some nonsense that means nothing to anybody. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

how bout i just made a JETS reference (yes i still have my JETS tapes) about a month ago to a table of 6 other people (i may or may not have been the oldest) but nobody knew who i was talking about ... shameful ... still a fan :-)