Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dear Shonda Rhimes - Tia

Dear Shonda Rhimes,

First, I'd like to thank you for all that you've done and continue to do. I have been a Grey's fan since day one. I own all of the seasons on DVD and have the current season DVRed. While I never really committed to Private Practice, I have enjoyed it the times that I've tuned in. And even though you have a wicked way of killing off people and relationships (PLEASE keep Owen and Christina together!!!!!) I love your writing style, production and everything else that goes on in ShondaLand.

I have to confess I was going to try to catch Scandal tomorrow on Hulu. I've had a long week and wasn't really up for watching anything other than Grey's tonight. But I quite literally got sucked in within the first 6 or so minutes and I KNEW I had to not only watch Scandal, but clear out space in my DVR to set a series recording.

My compelling need to watch was not so much fueled by Columbus Short in the opening scene, although that was a tough argument to ignore. (I mean...HE'S FINE and I've had a crush for a while.) Pretty boy eye candy aside, I knew I had to watch because not only was my girl crush Keri Washington the lead but she proved that she is the BADDEST CHICK before the first commercial break. I am a fan of strong female characters (Team Katniss) and even more so when they are women of color. It genuinely makes me proud to see non-hoodrat, non-promiscous strong black female leads. We don't see it enough. Too often the picture that is painted of the average black woman is the skewed portrayal on "reality" television.

So that being said, I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU!! I am already hooked on Scandal and I'm only 34 minutes in. Watching Keri destroy that girl in the park set a clear tone for the show that will keep me coming back. Please keep ShondaLand growing with great programming like this. And if Columbus Short needs a date to any ABC/ShondaLand/Scandal function, please let him know that I'm ALWAYS available.

Kind Regards,


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Jamie said...

This show is my new addiction. Sometimes I wonder if we are the same person. I am also a hard-core Grey's fan and I also was not into Private Practice. This new show Scandal is sooooooooo awesome! I am so turned on by the fact that the President is lusting after Kerry Washington. He's whipped! Get it girl