Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Lenny Kravitz is GORGEOUS!!! MY GOODNESSSSSSSSSSSSSS - Socialite Life

John...Boo...BGLU is praying for you - USAToday

I'm confused...This ISN'T The Crow?'s from the new Lone Ranger movie. still looks like The Crow to me. - LA Times

OH. EMM. GEEEEE!!! PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE bring back Name That Tune. Toya and I would DOMINATE on this game - Hollywood Reporter

I might actually get an iPad. But since this one is called "The New iPad" does that mean it's the LAST iPad? I only ask because if this one is the "new" one, what will they call the next one? "The Newer One" sounds dumb and is a slippery slope - Mashable


You know what...these two little girls made me tear up. Yes, young girls...FIGHT BACK! - The Stir

Here's the thing: I don't have kids. I taught pre-school for a while but I know that's not the same. By the same token, I fly A LOT. And an unruly child can mess everyone's flight/ While I'm not saying kids are easy to wrangle, if you can't get your kid to obey the basic rules of SITTING DOWN then I don't think your kid is ready to fly. - Shine from Yahoo!

I need Rihanna's dad to go to the closest football/basketball/soccer arena and take each and every last seat. - HuffPo

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Lei said...

Reading about John made me choke up a little bit. As much as he annoyed me not too long ago, he is someone who I will forever be sprung over and I can't ever completely drop him. I was looking forward to his tour. I wish him the best. Maybe he should come down to CT and recuperate with his family. I am just sayin..not for any selfish reasons. :)