Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Roundup

John Mayer debuted a new song this week. Welcome back, Boo. We've missed you. - HuffPo

The Hunger Games is out in 3 weeks. I (Tia) literally changed my work schedule so that I could fly home in time to see the Midnight showing on March 23. Yes, it's that serious. -  Entertainment Weekly

There are times when I get really sad that I don't have kids. (Not often...and not today after sleeping 10 hours last night...just being honest) But then I read stuff like this and I'm sad for the kids and the people who have to combat all of the crap this world throws on said kids. - CNN

Attention: Black Girl Nerds, those who love Black Girl Nerds and anyone else who understands how awesome BGNs are, this is my new favorite site and you need to go to there. - Black Girl Nerds

I've been a Crystal Renn fan for a minute. (See this post) And I understand that if you were a fan of hers when she was plus-size you could feel a way about her now that she's not. BUT C'MON MAN!!! The girl is about her hustle. It's her right to be thick, thin or other. Hateration is not cute - Radar

I know I already made a Hunger Games reference....but I'm EXCITED!! Katniss > Bella.

Katniss is a BAMF!!!

If you like Downton Abbey and Beyoncé/Destiny's Child, then you will LOVE this - Downton Abbeyoncé

I like how people are all in an uproar about the comments that Rush Limbaugh made. He's an idiot. This is not new information. Much like how we're all aware that water is wet, the sun is hot and Chris Brown should be banned from Twitter, some things we know to be inherently and irrevocably true - The Stir

Not gonna even front or try to be holy, Tupac could have gotten it without trying. So this new musical is probably going to be right up my alley - NME

Psych is back. I need to meet Shawn and Gus (James and Dulé). Especially since Blaine and I are basically them minus the "psychic" stuff. - USA Network

C'mon SON! How are you not watching this show?

Alright BGLUers, make it a great week. LATERS!!!

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