Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We Continue to Heart BRKN RBTZ - Tia

Some things are just a no brainer. Free samples. Buying crack laced Girl Scout cookies every Spring. (You can't tell me they don't put crack in those things.) And being a BRKN RBTZ fan. Remember way back when we told you about Brian McKnight's sons' band? If not, go here.

I hope by now you've done your due diligence and are following them on Twitter, have bookmarked their website, and have downloaded as many of their songs as possible. (No link for that...I'm working on it. You used to be able to download from Facebook. If I find a B.R. approved site for downloading I'll let you know.) You can't complain about the lack of good music if you don't support the good stuff that's out there. BRKN RBTZ continues to churn out songs that make you sing along, and swoon and generate every other wonderful action and emotion that should come with great music.

The first time I heard "Marry Your Daughter" I almost cried. And I type that with no shame whatsoever. I am a hopeless romantic. Like, penny with a hole in it, hopeless. So the idea of a man asking my dad for my hand in marriage is the stuff that I've dreamt about since I was little. I love the idea of romance and marriage. I want to be on a team. You want me on your squad as your ride or die boo. And since every adventure needs a soundtrack, I'd like to personally thank BRKN RBTZ for writing the opening number to mine.

P.S. If anyone knows where I can get that shirt that BJ is wearing, drop me a link in the comments.

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Stephanie B. said...

Love this!