Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gingers are having the best week ever - Tia

I feel like Gingers often get a bad rap. We've all heard the jokes (which I usually don't find funny), seen the cruel videos (which I'm not even remotely inclined to post here) and at some point felt a bit sorry for their easily sunburnt skin. For the most part, our Irish descended brothers and sisters don't get a lot of love.

But this week, at least with me, the gingers are having the best week ever.

First there was the guy at the gym who was taking me through all kinds of changes. When I'm at the gym, I usually just try to mind my own business, get my workout on and bounce. I'm not really chatty or there to make friends. I'm just trying to get into my goal skinny jeans and then be on to the next one. But this past Monday, there was a sexy red-head doing his THANG at the gym. My Lord and my GAWD!! I had a perfect view of him lifting and such from my elliptical and thus spent far longer than I planned ellipticalling to nowhere. (Aside: what's it called when you're on the elliptical? Walking? Shuffling? Ellipticalling? Whatever...) A friend of mine suggested that I should have asked him out this being Leap Year and what not. But I'm old fashioned and like to be pursued. I'll throw you hints, smiles and do every thing short of grabbing some of the lights that the guys who help land planes use to let you know I'm interested. But you've got to be the pursuer. (There's a whole blog post stewing in my brain about that topic.)

Anyway, hot workout Ginge has me planning to sweat it up at the same time from now on if it means I get to gaze about his fiery goodness and gorgeous freckled face.

Then this happened on 2 Broke Girls:

Skip to 7:05 for the Irish goodness
I was minding my own business and THIS dude wants to show up, be tall and hot and...are some of those tattoos real? My DVR is about 90% full. I need to delete a lot of stuff. This episode, however, is not going anywhere. Like Max said, "Your body looks SICK." This dude makes me want to hop a plane to Ireland RIGHT NOW!!!

So in honor of the Ginges having the best week ever, here a few of my favorite hot red-heads:

Rupert Grint

Not even gonna lie, I know the movies are called Harry Potter and the (inordinately long title here.) But Ron was ALWAYS my favorite. Maybe it was because he was the only one to curse or maybe it was because he was just a regular dude. I don't know. But whatever it was, Ron was always my HP fav above all the others.

Michael Fassbender

Okay, I know this picture is in black and white and thus you are unable to behold Michael in all of his ginger glory. But this man is fine and this picture is my favourite. So feel free to go here or here to partake of Michael in all of his wondrous red-headed goodness.

Kevin McKidd

I need Owen and Christina to make up on Grey's. I can't handle them fighting. I mean, don't get me wrong; I've been a fan since Journeyman so I'm not going to stop liking Kevin if he and Christina's character don't make it. But I'm going to be really sad. I like them together. (Are you listening Shonda Rhimes? Give the fans what they want.) I mean...for real though...look at those eyes. *swoon*

So your job for this week is simple: if you see a auburn-haired brother or sister, walk up to them and hi-five, hug, or whatever else you feel led to do (if you end up in jail it's on you) to let them know that they are appreciated, loved and maybe a little coveted. Long Live The Ginges.


Tiffany said...

I love Rupert- such a cutie:) And I really had no clue Michael Fassbender was a ginger. Nice.

Patricia said...

So my bff went and saw Michael Fassbender in Shame and then proceeded to blow up my phone until she could tell me that I needed to drive to the nearest Theater and stare at him him in all is full frontal glory. I however am avoiding doing so since I think I want to be surprised on our honeymoon. I don't need to see all his business but she did day the movie is awesome in addition to him getting personal with a lot of women.

My bestie tries to be the devil on my shoulder, its her turn this month. Honestly the movie is suppose to be an amazing.

Jacquie said...

Listen...I get weak over some Gingers!

Jamie said...

I love me some Owen. Christina needs to get it together and try to make this relationship work. Unfortunately for Owen he's dealing with someone who's a robot with very little feelings when it comes to just about everything---including having a family. So maybe Owen needs to move onto someone who really wants a family. Damn Kevin McKidd is fyne. Love your blog BTW

Niki said...

My fave gingers: Prince Harry and Michael C. Hall (who plays "Dexter" on...well, "Dexter" LOL)

The prince seems like he has matured and has always seemed very down-to-earth and Michael Hall has a great body and a very sexy voice! He does the voiceovers for the Dodge commercials--I melt when he says "seating for seven"! *swoon*

iggystar said...

I know I'm all kinds of late, but I LOVE gingers, love, love love them.

I'll add two: Tony Curran, he's a ginger and Scottish which is like double trouble for me.

Eric Stotlz is the original, 80's, almost Marty McFly, but still awesome in Some Kind of Wonderful red head.

ToyaBGLU said...

ERIC STOLTZ!!! I am WEAK! I loved him. One of my favorite all time movies.

Tayci Stallings said...

I love me some gingers and not the fake brown haired ones. I like em orange like Rupert. I just found out too that Michael Fassbender only dates black women.

Anonymous said...

I'm a ginger. 22. M. I'd like to think I'm decent looking :) snapchat: jasun4real