Thursday, March 8, 2012

GCB or "You mad..?" - Tia

ABC has been relentless in their marketing for the new show GCB. (You'll have to google it to find out what it stands for if you don't already know. And I don't care what they say, the "B" ain't for "Belles.") iTunes had the premier episode available for free last week and as I am a sucker for most free things on iTunes and endless, brain washing marketing I downloaded it. I watched it on my flight to...wherever I was going...and I won't lie, I laughed. There was some mildly racy commentary and based on the opening scene there's a reason it comes on at 10pm EST. It's not for the kids. But it's moderately witty...I did not expect someone name Bridget Sanchez-Fong to be black and nearly choked on my water when she came on the screen.

And maybe because I grew up in church, a lot of the characters seems relatable and oddly familiar. It's cute enough. I don't know that I'll be setting the DVR as it is already bursting at the seams. But if it's on in passing I may sit down and take a look.

However, unbeknownst to me until very recently, there is already a growing backlash against the show from what I can only assume is the conservative Christian Right. Apparently, the depiction of Christian women in the south is rubbing some people all the wrong way. And after watching the show, I get it. If you didn't know any better, you'd think that the church is filled with back-biting, intolerant, jealous, conniving women with nothing better to do than undercut one another under the guise of holiness. But see here's the I mentioned before, I grew up in the church. As such, I have met each and every one of the women on GCB. I'm not saying it's's just a fact.

No church is perfect and any pastor who says his is is lying and you need to run far and fast. Just by walking in the door, I make a church imperfect. But isn't that the point? The people who are having the biggest problem with the show probably attend a church chock full GCBs and they're mad because ABC had the audacity to put them on blast. Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they go to one of the only almost perfect churches on earth and really have no concept of women such as these....NAW...that's not it.

Like I said, I get how some could be offended. The Church and its members hardly EVER get a fair shake in mainstream media. We are often depicted as backwards, unforgiving and basically completely opposite of the Jesus we claim to love and follow. But I have to ask, shouldn't we shoulder some of the blame for that? Some of the people with the loudest voices are saying some of the ugliest things...(looking at you Westboro) and those of us who truly believe in loving our neighbors sit idly by and do NOTHING. Evil should never have a louder voice than good.

And when we are represented in a positive light, some of us still find a way to criticize. How can we expect the world to take Christians seriously when we can't stop back-biting and fighting amongst ourselves? How can we chastise those outside the church for not loving their neighbor when we're tossing side-eyes at the chick in the pew in front of us for cutting us off in the parking lot?

While I see how people could have a grievance with the show, rather than wasting time and energy trying to get it off of the air, why not refocus some of that effort towards being a light in a dark world. Instead of being mad because some fictional character from a non-existent church said something that rubbed you the wrong way, turn off the television, head down the street and see if your neighbor needs anything because her husband is serving overseas, his wife just passed away, their child/parent/sibling is ill. Instead of fretting over a show THAT'S NOT REAL, why not BE the change you want to see in the world. If more of us who call ourselves followers of the teachings of Christ actually...I don't know...followed the teachings of Christ more often, then shows like GCB would be moot. (And I am WHOLEHEARTEDLY throwing myself under the bus with this one...I'm basically talking to myself at this point.) If more people SAW Christians loving, caring and extending kindness then THAT is what would come to mind when people think of church go-ers. If we don't want to be GCBs then we must stop acting like GCBs. Simple, no?

I'm just's funny because it's true


Thedivinemst said...

I love you, Tia! I watched it and found it as fresh and witty as when Desperate Housewives first aired. I grew up in church in Alabama. I know ALL those characters in real life. Lol

Curvy CEO said...

I co-sign 100% on this post! I had the same reaction when I watched - I literally busted out launching when Bridget Sanchez-Fong hit the screen. I will admit that I am a little turned off by the title of the show and I'm really not all that interested in Sandra-Bullock-Hope-Floats-knock-off character. But Kristen Chenoweth is my fave - love her! May add the show to my regular line up...will decide after a few more episodes. But yes, we Christians have been put on blast! And that's why we mad....

Cliff said...

I haven't watched it yet, but I am familiar with the controversy surrounding the show. I'm glad to see this approach out there.

And I dig the blog.