Friday, February 24, 2012

In Theaters This Weekend: Good Deeds- Toya

"You need to go find what makes you truly happy."

Wow! Is that the theme for this week or what?  I am so excited to see Good Deeds this weekend for a number of reasons. For one, Tyler Perry gets to try his chops starring in a romantic drama without Madea. Regardless of if you like his movies or not, I think a lot of us can agree that taking risks and stepping outside of one's comfort zone is a big deal. For that reason alone I hope he is successful. Also I'm a big fan of Gabrielle Union and who doesn't love Phylicia Rashad AKA the classiest woman to ever grace the earth? I swear every time she speaks it's like jazz. Also in the film are Thandie Newton, Rebecca Romijn, Brian White, and Jamie Kennedy.

Another reason I am excited to see this movie is because it is nice to see blacks in a present day film.  If you remember, one of the reasons I didn't want to see The Help was because I just got tired of not seeing black people in every day, PRESENT DAY, situations. I think the public is way too comfortable seeing black people as maids. I mean has a black person ever received an Oscar nomination for a romantic comedy or romantic drama?  There aren't enough movies like that out. I'll be honest with you: I may finally be able to see The Help after this. I'm just sayin'.

Finally, it's no secret that Tyler Perry is big on charity. Lionsgate has partnered with Covenant House for the Good Deeds Great Needs campaign. Every time the trailer is shared from their website, Lionsgate will donate to Covenant House, an organization for homeless youth. For more information about the film and the Good Deeds Great Needs campaign, be sure to check out

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