Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Music Fridays: Bruno Mars - California Gurls

So here's the thing...I (Tia) have very few regrets in life. There a couple of men I'd wish I'd never met and some regrettable hair styles. But overall I'm content with the choices I've made. But one of the few things that I'd wish I'd given a longer shot was living in LA. I was in a rough place when I left and I really think that if I'd pushed through I would have learned to love the greatness of it. Yeah, there's traffic and real estate is sky high. And there's always that residual feeling of anticipation that the whole state is about to fall into the ocean because of some huge earthquake. But then there's the sun. The diversity. The hole in the wall food joints that serve the best sushi/Thai/Mexican/hot dogs/pizza/etc.

And I mean..,C'MON where else in the world do the girls get their own theme song.

I liked Katy Perry's version of California Gurls enough, I guess. It was cute. I sang along. But I LOVE Bruno's version a million times better. (Aside: Can we talk about how I prefer Katy Perry's songs when other people sing them? I STILL don't like her version of Teenage Dream but I LOVE Glee's version. She should get other people to do all of her songs. #shade)

I have said it before plenty of times. An iPod on shuffle is a beautiful thing. I forgot I even had this song until yesterday while I was working in Akron. I was minding my own business and this came on while I was elbow deep in medical records and bottles of drugs. I proceeded to listen to this song for the rest of the afternoon. Sleep on Bruno if you want...but that little man can SANG.

After his Grammy performance this year I was genuinely disappointed that I haven't been able to see him in concert. I'd been a fringe fan but I've come to realize the Bruno is going to not only sing but perform. So I may have to make a concerted effort to see him if he ever comes back my way. Until then I'll just have to run YouTube clips like this...

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