Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Wait...Is Ferris Bueller coming back?

Apparently JoJo forgot that she can sing and she think she has to hoe it up like her contemporaries. No sweet're better than this. - Popoholic

I usually have no shine for Adam Lambert. He's is the epitome of EXTRANESS. It has nothing to do with his sexuality. I just can't stand folks who have talent yet insist on doing THE MOST instead of just SINGING. But I have to be honest, I can not stop listening to Adam's current single "Better Than I Know Myself." I wish I could download the live version of this because he is SANGING!! - Ellen 

I'm not going to clown Demi Moore. If she's doing whip-its (the easy high of bored suburban teenagers) and sustaining herself on Red Bull then she's clearly got issues and it's unfortunate that those issues have to be splashed all over the internet. - TMZ 

Presented without shade or comment and with only a slight gas face - Christina singing "At Last" at Etta James' funeral - WSJ Blog

I hate Timeline. Facebook doesn't care. We're all getting it whether we like it or not. This may help curb my FB addiction. If you haven't already switched (like me), here are a few things you should know. - PC Mag

Why must the hot ones be so damaged? - Daily Mail


Jacquie said...

Ugh. Poor Demi.

Hopefully, Facebook doesn't go into obscurity like Myspace. I LOATHE the timeline. Every time I go to a friend's page...I'm confuzzled.

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