Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Roundup

I know it's been a minute since we did a roundup. But we're trying to be more consistent around here. So we'll do our best to post a roundup once a week. 

I really need Seal and Heidi to not be breaking up. - E! Online

I feel really dirty for wanting to see the Magic Mike. But C'MON...Adam Rodriguez AND Matt Bomer AND Channing Tatum. Are you kidding me? -

Red Tails was #2 at the box office this weekend. YAY!! - Box Office Mojo

The Spice Girls may be reuniting. I'm still mad at the Olympic Ticket committee for not giving me the option to buy tickets...But whatever. - Popsugar

Gas is on the rise again. Water is wet. The sun is hot. - Yahoo Finance

People always ask me why I don't have my last name, high school/college graduation year, phone number, place of employment, or use my mother's maiden name as a test question on Facebook. Here's why - HuffPo Tech

I know this is only a concept phone but I really hope the new iPhone/iPad has something like this - YouTube

The Hunger Games will be out in 2 months. (EEEEEKKK!!!!) Rue is by far one of my favorite characters - Publishers Weekly

Shonda Rhimes BETTER NOT bring Izzy back to Grey's. If she does decide to bring her back, Shonda should a.) Kill her off in some glorious fashion that we've come to know and love from Grey's and Private Practice and b.) Bring back Isaiah Washington just to piss Heigl off. Besides, it's not looking like Christina and Owen are going to make it anyway...soooo - Just Jared

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