Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Okay Adam...Okay - Tia

I really didn't have any kind of shine for Adam Lambert. And before you even ask, I couldn't care less who he sleeps with. His sexuality is moo. As you know I have ZERO tolerance for extraness. (Looking at you Gaga.) And if it's possible, I have even LESS tolerance for people who are extra AND have talent. In my opinion, if you have talent then you don't need to where a coat made of the pelts of forgotten puppets of Sesame Street circa 1978. You don't need grab a man's genitals and then almost choke him to death with your tongue in the middle of your song if you can actually carry a note well. So while I could never take away the fact Adam Lambert could sing, he always managed to get on each and every last one of my nerves when he was on Idol because rather than just singing he always felt the need to do the absolute MOST!!!!

Confession: I did like that "If I Had You" song. It was fun and catchy. But beyond that I was not checking for Adam Lambert. That is until the other day...I was riding around some random city...I forget where I was...and heard Adam's current single "Better Than I Know Myself." I didn't know who it was initially. The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't quite place it. Thanks to the magic of technology, I was able to Shazaam the song at the next stop sign. I think I looked at the screen for a good 10 seconds. I loved an Adam Lambert song. Yes, after just one listen I was in love with the song.

I'm always going to love an angsty pop song. But an angsty, well executed pop song will trump all of the other garbage on the radio every time. Adam Lambert can sing. Period. And whoever wrote this song managed to compose a song that not only showcases his vocals but makes you want to immediately sing along. I think it's just so anthemy (You like how I add a "Y" to nouns to make them adjectives don't you?) It is the last resort cry of a desperate partner. "I know I suck sometimes...but you love me beyond my shortcomings. I won't leave and you can't either." Yeah...I will be car karaoking this until further notice. Okay Adam...okay....I see you boo.

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