Friday, January 13, 2012

Let's Talk About It!!!! Live Commentary on The Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl Episode 12: The Decision


The latest episode of ABG aired today but it wasn't without a hitch.   Due to some technical issues, the show was released today after it was originally supposed to air last night.   Hey, they're new at this thing.  I can't be mad at them.  The whole team works hard and mistakes happen.   What matters is that it is available now and I definitely think that the finished product was worth the wait.   So without further ado, check out my live commentary of what went down.

*If you don't want to know what happened in this episode, do not read the rest of this post! You've been warned.*

1.       YES!!! It’s UP!
2.       What’s up with Jay and his slicked back hair cut? His hair needs some attention.
3.       I love that she ran.   I feel her on that. I’ve been known to just drop and put my head between my legs trying to breathe.
5.       Shoutout to my roommate Candace for getting me that Soul Glow t-shirt for Christmas.
6.       Cee Cee is too calm for what just went down.  If that was Tia I would’ve stopped everything
7.       No FRED, not the bestie! He really doesn’t know what to do, does he?
8.       What the high school 3 way is going on?!?!?!?! 
9.       YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH they are going on a date! I need her to still pick Jay though.
10.   What just happened?  Can that even happen on phones nowawadays?
11.   Umm…someone just came into my office. Umm…uuuuh. Hmph.
12.   Natural hair beauties stand up!
13.   Oh so you get dressed for this date? She looks beautiful!!!!
14.   Dates are so awkward.
15.   Fred’s teeth are distracting in the best way. And his eyes…and the rest of him. Moving on.
16.   BERNADETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s our girl BERNADETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s the waitress. Way to go Bern!
17.   Ok this awkwardness is why she needs to pick Jay. They have no problem talking to each other.
18.   Nooooooooooooo! “It’s like dating two friends at the same time. Awkward!”
19.   Good call Fred on how to not make it awkward. Nice to see him taking the lead.
20.   Bern’s doing so good!
21.   Aaw they’re having  fun!
22.   I love a flashback.
23.   Do not kiss Fred…do not kiss Fred…do not kiss Fred.
25.   Oooooooooooooooooooh not the just be friends speech. Ohmydamn.
26.   This is a hurt piece right here.
27.   Is this..a commercial?  You know what, I need my bills paid too. I am not mad at them one bit.
28.   Back to ABG: She wasted no time drawing that friendship boundary in the sand, did she?
29.   Who…drew..that...picture?! I CAN’T!
30.   Jay LOOKS SO GOOD in that hoodie and leather jacket.  I’m just saying. I love me some B Rabbit white boy angst sometimes.  It’s weird. I know.
33.   This reminds me. I need to get back on Weight Watchers this year.
34.   Jay, I like you. Soooo…oh my God I need to get out more. I’m talking to the screen to a fictional character.
35.   He is so fine right now! It’s the eyes!
36.   KISS HER!
37.   “J, I get you” *swoon* *passes out*  I don’t know if guys actually say that but every awkward girl wants to hear that. I don’t care if the guy saying it looks like Urkel.
38.   OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGOMG epgjaojsdvionqaeoirngioaenrganirogn!
39.   OMG Really? Someone comes into my office NOW? GET OUT!!!!!!!  You want a PEN?! GO AWAY!!!! *Sorry Lila*
40.   Two awkward people sharing an awkward kiss is hilarious and so sweet at the exact same time.
41.   Ok it IS Donald Glover and they are on an actual date. I thought their whole exchange was a dream sequence.  I was about to call out sick for the rest of the day.
42.   I can’t hear!!! What happened?! Everyone sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher!
43.   Donald Glover’s cute. He’s really cute. I like a brotha in a cardigan.
44.   Something awkward just happened between the 3 of them and I can’t hear it. CRAP!
45.   Even though I can’t hear anything, J really is the worst freestyler..besides myself…of all time.
46.  I was able to hear a little of it and it sounded like White Jay told Donald Glover that his whole family was talented. He thinks that Danny Glover is his father. *blank stare* You know White Jay is like that white guy that you date who knows about some really cool things but is not exactly down enough to know about some basic cool things and it's ok. Awkward at times but ok.
47.   Ok seriously White Jay looks so cute right now.  That’s it. I’m going on
48.   Fred is salty.  Look, he hasn't had his hair cut in 2 weeks. Bounce back Fred!
49.   Aaw don’t talk about the date in front of Fred. L
50.   A …is…psycho.
51.   Their boss looks like Animal from The Muppets.  What is happening?
52.   Germy Patty is terrible.
54.   Who is this Jesus guy?
56.   Get you some boss lady! I aint mad at ya.
57.   Umm…I don’t know how I feel about this guy Jesus “saving you from your sins” mess.
58.   You can’t move Cee Cee . You cannot!
59. I am about as confused about this new Jesus character as I am about the Robert California character on The Office right now and I HATE him.
60.   Well Nina can get with Fred now .*Shrug*

           This entire episode went down exactly how I wanted it to. I wanted J and Fred to go on a date so she could make a wise and informed decision.  Ultimately I wanted her to pick White Jay.  Chemistry is a huge factor to me. I loved that was like 2 episodes in one! I loved it! I cant’wait for this to be on a network that can truly take it to the next level.  Congrats ABG crew on a great episode!  What did yall think?


Taryn Hardnett said...

I was waiting for yall to post this. White was too funny. I'm glad Amir is back but I feel bad for Fred. No one wants to be put in the friend zone. I was pissed about the show posting late but so happy with how they ended things. Did you notice Jesus pronounced Jay's name as Yay? Hilarious! also, peep Ce Ce's Michael Jackson shirt when she's exercising.

Alexis said...

I'm mad that you didn't mention that Boss Lady's boo's name was Jamiroquai! And he looked so scared, like "Please save me!" LOL

And White Jay's angry raps...I loved them. That was my favorite part of the whole ep.

I wonder how the J/Nina dynamic is gonna work now in Season 2. I really liked the episode and can't wait for the new season.

ToyaBGLU said...

You know what? I didn't hear his name. I was watching it at work so I don't doubt that I will picking up on things that I didn't catch the first few times. And yes I saw Ce Ce's shirt and it is a doggone shame! LOL!!! Too crazy.

Alexis said...

Yeah the sound was off in a lot of places. I just rewatched it and my new favorite part: J: Danny Glover's not his dad...they're just black together. HILARIOUS

April~ said...

White J's angry rap was THE ABSO BEST...I love that man. So worth the wait...this show has got me hooked for life. "I get u" melt....

Anonymous said...

Can I take your order? lol eek! the DP DID NOT help an Asian Sistah out with the lighting! ha! I was confused at the end when they gave us a Season 2 tease...I loved that they got Donald Glover to make a guest appearance! lol...

AptLife said...

That's an excellent point about J needing to date Fred. But you better believe I screamed "YES!" after she said she wanted to be friends. I was so proud of her because she was honest with herself and was up front with him. I kinda felt bad for him, but he caused their momentum to shift and stall when he kissed Nina.

deevinej23 said...

The finale was worth the little over a month's wait. I'm glad J and White Jay are together, although I was leaning towards her going solo. Either choice would have been fine, but if she didn't feel comfortable to be herself around Fred, then it wasn't going to work anyway. I was cracking up several times. Boss lady's dood had the "help me" look when she took him with her. I'm glad Amir is back, and it will be interesting to see if he'll slip back to his old ways. If Cee Cee takes a pay cut, maybe her and J can be roommates. Now I'm actively seeking out everything related to Donald Glover. I had no idea who he was prior to ABG. White Jays scenes in J's mind and dream were funny and a nice expansion of showing him expressing different emotions and being over the top. The scenes with Leslie were hilarious, and she needs lots of hugs. I was through when she collapsed on the coach and bawled with her legs in the air.

I hope the new season starts in the summer. I know many folks want to see the show to end up on cable, but personally, I prefer the freedom and intimacy of being on You Tube. Unless Issa and Tracey have complete control over everything, I could see cable taking the entire concept and cast, and change everything. I do hope it continues to grow, but not at the expense of losing its authenticity and organic feel. Wow, what a ride!