Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun Music Fridays: N'Sync - GIrlfriend ft Nelly

I need answers to the following things:
1. Why is JC not my boyfriend?
2. Why is JC tripping and not putting out music?
3. Where is Nelly these days?
4. Was Joey's "girlfriend" brown?
5. Would anyone be mad if Justin put out another album? Preferably with a guest spot by Jimmy Fallon?
6. Does anyone have JC's number for me?

And lest you forget that JC Chasez could sing circles around JT any day....


lalaG said...

yall should see me dancing around here to this! and i love me some JC!

Christina said...

Wow, that video brings back memories. I always thought that the dancing on top of the cars was cute. And I love me some JC too.