Friday, January 6, 2012

BGLU Beauty News: Get Your Brows on Point with Nitraab

For the past few years I have worn relatively natural looking makeup but recently I decided that I wanted to create a more polished stepped up look for 2012. Youtube has been invaluable when it comes to helping me on my recent natural hair journey so I turned to Youtube again to help me with my cosmetic journey. Enter Youtube Vlogger nitraab.

When I tell you I adore this little bubbly southern belle? A bonafide girly girl, Nitraab's videos have a wealth of info about everything from makeup and eyelashes to weaves and clothing. She's fun to watch and I find her basic tutorials pretty easy to learn from.  She also has some pretty advanced looks but she's easy to follow. You just have to remember that practice makes perfect.

The above video contains basic instructions on how to enhance your brows using pretty inexpensive products and brushes. I've watched this video several times and even took to a downtown MAC store to get an in person lesson to make sure what I was doing was right. Here is my progress so far (I'm on the right):

I'm still working on my basic makeup looks but so far so good I think.  Do you have any fashion or beauty changes you are looking to make in 2012?

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seabeau said...

Your brows were the first thing I noticed when I saw you!